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Sociology has been described in different words by different philosopher but it can be described as the ‘science of society’ in the simplest way. The fundamentals of the sociology could discover the laws of human social behavior and help solve society’s problems.As the sociology word suggests “socious" meaning ‘companion, associate, society’ and the Greek word ‘logos’ meaning study or ‘science’.

These are the following ways by which sociology helps understand the social problems, society and environmental adjustment.

1)Human inter-relationship:

It is a subject which studies human inter-relationship. As sociology studies the relationship in between the human beings it helps to study the human behaviors within the specific kind of relations. It might study the relation of siblings, Relation of parents with off-springs, relation of friends, relation of wife and husband. Studying the behavior in relations helps to understand what cause the problem in the society how it effects the society in a negative way and how it would help society in a way to prosperity.This study empower beings to understand the society and the societal behavior

2) Social action :

Sociology is the science which attempts an interpretative understanding of social action. Social actions can be defined as the activities that a person does staying in the society or in other words we can say it’s a societal behavior.If sociology does help in studying the behavior than obviously it helps understanding that what kind of behavior would effect the society’s peace and what would help them to run towards the prospers society. Sociologist would study about the situation and analyze the social action.

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