Framing The Painting of My Life

2년 전

Another Change to The Painting of My Life

Seven months ago, in my Steemit Noob's phase, I wrote a post about the painting my father made for and about me after I had returned from half a year of travelling Southeast Asia, and on how years later he added to the painting after a conversation we had had. For the full content of that post, please follow this link.

No Frame

Now, as you can see looking at the pictures in that post, the painting didn't have a frame. I never really missed it and since the sides of the painting were painted as well, I quite enjoyed the bare minimum.

When You Know, You Know

Until a few months ago, that is. I had been standing in front of the painting, mesmerised by the changing of colours through the sun that shone through my windows. I took a few steps back to allow for all the different layers to appear at the same time when I suddenly knew for certain that this Painting of My Life needed to be definitively finished by framing it.

Or Not

And so a period of decision making started. You don't realise how many different kinds of frames for paintings exist. And in how many colours and styles they come.

Besides that, this unframed painting has been part of my life and living rooms for almost fifteen years. So, just like when I had asked my father to add to it, I was facing changing its appearance again. Maybe it is my doubting nature or the fear of ruining a painting I love so much that made me indecisive.

My Subconscious Knew

Anyway, last week Thursday, without really thinking about it, I took the painting off the wall, wrapped it and walked to my local frame maker. Without hesitation I chose a frame, discussed how the painting should be framed, accepted the receipt and started a two week framing period of waiting.

Lo and behold when this morning, one week early, the phone rang and the voice on the other end told me the painting was framed and ready to be reunited with its owner. I immediately left the house to pick it up. I was almost nervous, like meeting someone for a blind date.


Trust Your Instincts

Well, I can honestly say that I am over the moon with the end result. So happy that I have listened to my inner voice. I had been quite fearful that the frame I chose would maybe make the painting too dark. But the opposite was true. The dark edge between the painting and the frame lightens up the whole image. And the silver coloured front side of the frame adds to that exponentially.

painting-of-me-v1-web.jpg painting-of-me-v2-web.jpg framed-210px.jpg

I am a very happy man today!

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Very interesting and special painting!
You are so lucky to have a painting painted by your father!


Thank you @kaminchan!

I am indeed very lucky... jai dee mak mak! ;-)


Very lucky. : Chok see mak mak.

I already typed a comment but it got lost while switching pages.

It is a very colorful piece of art and a priceless gift. I can understand your worry about changing something at the risk of ruining it. This piece is irreplaceable.

I wondered if you really went swimming that way or if it maybe was metaphorical. But I read your first post and learned what it stands for and when it was added.

Art like this often overwhelms me, partly because of all the colors, partly because of the meaning 'every' detail has. There is also part of me that is afraid to overlook something important because of that.

A real treasure.


Thx for your comment @ijmmai.

Please, don't be afraid to miss anything. Because of all the different layers the nice thing about these sort of paintings is that everyone can enjoy them on their own level. There is something in there for everyone.

And then there is the true observer (almost always an artist or art critic... professionals, so to say) who sees it all...

Question then remains: does the true observer interpret what he sees the way it was intended. Lucky for me I couldn't care less since it is something between my dad and me :-D

I can totally understand your current mood ^^. Moments like these are very rare and ask for celebration. Really nice description of the journey you made and the steps you took. The end result is a vision :)

I count myself lucky I've seen the painting in real life. It really is quite remarkable. The story only adds to this.

Not that you need my approval, but the frame really does add to the experience/painting. You(r subconsciousness) picked the right frame ;) Would love to see the completed painting again! Enjoy it.


Thanks @timtonic! You're always welcome for a drink and some observing :-)

How's Berlin treating you? You starting to get the hang of it?

It looks perfect an finished llike this man!

I can imagine the internal debate on you to be or not to be. Look to have this piece of memory on your wall


Cheers Dears,

Still over the moon and lucky to have the sun coming back so I can enjoy its rays playing with it :-)

Where is your new post?!



I have been enjoying offline life lately :-)

Little patience and inspiration to write meaningful posts so it seems :-)

Looking for that fine balance between on and off to keep posting fun... Probably a new post on Sunday. First two crazy days of work.

Thx for checking! ;-)