Enjoying My "Working" Vacation

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Just "checking in" to Steemit because someone asked me, "How do you like your new friends on Steemit, you having a good time over there, because that site is a cesspool of shit that's what it is....." Then he said "Hi" to @britvr.

I'd post the Youtube video and give you the time link, but I'm just not that way - NOT my Style. Heck, I suppose if I had that much stress I'd try lashing out at someone checking in and letting them know 'for now' Polo was up and working ... It has not been seized (as of yet). No bets on the coming weeks, IMHO.


The guy was ready to pop a vein over Polo getting closed. Note to person who made a rude comment to me, I was checking in to give you a tad bit of info - You TOOK it wrong!.


Pushing Burst up hill is not going to help the coin. Attacking everyone is not going to help You. It will become another "Chaincoin Saga" and will hurt many people. Here is how you "Play It" - you will never do it, but if you ever wanted to win and turn your "Sh*t Coin" Storm in to a win you would do this.......

Hire the developers who 'invested' in this coin and brought it to you. Don't be a Dick. Know that it cost $$$ to ignore talent and commitment. Otherwise you end up with coder and keyboards like this:


Hired guns only stay for the BTC You get a "One and Done" Then a quick hug your mama!

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Hey, that's a pretty sweet keyboard though!


Want to buy it for 10,000 Burst? (lol)


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I'm a bitcoin/crypto fan myself! lets support eachother @hexdek16:). follow me @maninjapan1989. upvoted and followed!