Just A 22-Year Old In Toys Section

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I was at the mall just walking around and decided to go to the toys section because I got bored. Just walked here to look for some silly toys to laugh at.

image0 8.JPG

Lol these dolls were piled together like they were salvaged. They were cheap. $2 I think. Perfect if you want to practice dressing up or something. I had dolls when I was a kid and I used to make dresses for them. I designed and sew them myself. I change their hair styles too. Drown them in water and pretend they're mermaids. Fun times.


image0 7.JPG

I used to collect stickers as well. And I love mermaids lol. I have watched Barbie: Mermaidia many times. In fact, I was actually planning to watch it again the other day (because apparently I'm a 10 yo) but I got pissed cos I didn't find a good quality movie on illegal streaming sites for Barbie: Fairytopia (which was the first part). So I decided to watch Steven Universe instead. xD

image0 1.JPG

image0 2.JPG

... xD

image0 3.JPG

Seriously who buys this shit XD Ugly baby haha

image0 9.JPG

lol the manipulative bf at the back

image0 10.JPG

image0 6.JPG

U no look like Elsa

image0 11.JPG

This pretty good looking Moana. But the eyebrows tho

image0 4.JPG

Aaww. I had a big pink doll house before. It was four-story with a pool and some lit shit. With some furniture I can freely move and some mini people. Damn I miss it... I think I gave it to my cousin though idk.

image0 5.JPG

I'm surprised too I never got interested with architecture or interior design. But I wanna buy one again :D Probably to make the incoming little baby girl jealous, I mean my niece. There's no way she's getting better toys than me.

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Toys sector is a sector will never gobankrupt.


Maybe, and I hope. With our technology today, it seems that kids are getting less interested with toys :\


because they are over exposed to everything and they are losing all the excitement in their bodies! :/


Things change @mamalikh13 and at least based on our perceptions, change will always occur.

First it was the radio, then the diskmans, followed by computers, video games and now cell phones.

The childhood I had is different from my parents, my son's childhood is different from mine and so on.

  • Everything changes and nothing stays the same.

well that is true! I just hope this is changing for the good. :)


I think it will change in some ways for the "good" and in some ways for the "worse" @mamalikh13.

It might also end up being a matter of perspective with some people thinking things got worse, others thinking it got better, and then maybe a few people seeing things as being the same way they've always been, even in the midst of change.

You had some funny comments @hiddenblade.

I have an older sister and when I was 3 to 5 we'd swim in a tiny pool in the back of our house, she'd put her legs together and say she was a mermaid but when I'd put mine together and say I was a merman, she'd pull them apart and say I wasn't 😂