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...humans. They're quite something, aren't they? Suppose I should say 'aren't we' really. I don't know what you're like, but I like analyzing people. I like understanding why they think a certain way and even more, why they say certain things. I pay extra special attention to language and the words people use in a given situation, because like it or not, we're not very good at controlling our mouths and we often give ourselves away through our words.

And I think that's amazing.


Really, I stop and think about certain conversations I have with people and I realize that the conclusion I came to and the things they said are completely different. If you listen to most people, they've got it all figured out, but they don't. Not really. Their language betrays all sorts of insecurities, fears, secret worries and conflicts that exist inside of them. And it's interesting. If you watch for long enough, you might just understand how one of them works.


Does that happen to you? Do you ever find yourself listening to someone and analyzing them in your head? Figuring them out...I sometimes even tell people. What I get and what's still a mystery. Some are cool about it, but you know, to a point. No one likes it when you're too direct with them, when you cut just a little too deep.

Anyway, what's your experience with them?

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I agree with you. You merely have to pay attention and you will notice so much. It's fascinating. I think about stuff like this all the time!
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I love the fact that you instinctively put yourself on a different plane than the rest of humankind. I think it's very relatable, at least on my part. Like, sometimes you have to remind yourself you're exactly like the rest of the world, and maybe, just maybe, you should try and make an effort to look inside with the same acumen you employ when you look outside :P

Anyway, I do get what you're talking about. Humans are indeed an interesting breed, even though as far as our species goes as a whole, we have to admit we're doing a lot of damage. Analyzing is kind of what I'm known for with the people who know me best, but I try not to overdo it with random acquaintances, or at least I try to keep my observations to myself :D I think when you can read people like you do, you can kind of understand if your analyses would fall on deaf ears or if they would have the disposition to listen to you. I just try not to make the mistake of assuming things about people I don't know too well, I guess. People tend to feel judged very easily.

At any rate, I found that this particular side of my character is sort of a blessing and a curse at the same time. I tend to explore, and approach people with curiosity, and I love the fact that I can adapt to pretty much any other human being and find their good sides and qualities, even when they're very different from me. At the same time, though, I tend to burn through these exploration phases very quickly, and they don't always leave me with much to do or to say. Actually, it can get pretty disappointing sometimes, when you get how someone thinks and you can speak their language, but then find out they can't really speak yours. You can imagine what something like that can do to your love life, heh.


Actually, it can get pretty disappointing sometimes, when you get how someone thinks and you can speak their language, but then find out they can't really speak yours.

I like that. Well, not like it, but it's true. And sad and somewhat disappointing. You're right about keeping your assumptions to a minimum with acquaintances, its' just... you know, they say they can take it and want you to be honest and are honest in return and all, but when you are honest, they're not so happy. Anyway, I think it's interesting to keep an eye on people, helps you understand yourself better. Because I do know I'm human. On some level :P

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