I've the Secret of Life | My Philosophy of Change

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I'm not the one who makes the change, but I'm the one who allowed him to accept and give the space to exist through me, I didn't change my situation from a sad person to a happy person, I allowed sadness to exist and gave him the space he needed


Change is the stages of growth, the more we intervene the more it hinders growth, change is to be growth and growth and high. Change is the origin of everything, is the constant movement that brings us from… to. Change is not through us, but through us, because it is through us and because we are ignorant and ignorant of the form it takes us to.

We are in a state of fear and we are quick to wear a mask to hide our fear. There is anger and we rush to wear a mask of calm and tranquility in order to hide the anger. We have something to wear, we wear a mask to hide the shape that emerged and formed through us. As soon as we see a form of movement within us we hurry to wear a mask to hide.

We will not understand what the painter draws only when he completes his drawing, as well as change, we will not realize it only if we allow him to be through us, and to shape us and use the space that we are creating… to complete his painting

Change is growth that is through us and embodies us. This acceptance and allowing growth to be without resistance is very important.

Today your energy is low. Do not strain, do not hide it, do not care for those who abandon you or judge you. Watch what happens. Energy will grow, that fact of the universe and will carry you to high energy. Yes, there will be many friends around us who want to be blessed with our energy, achievements and creativity. Enjoy but do not resist, continue to watch… Yes, according to fact energy will be reduced again, and will be alienated from you who yesterday was seeking the light of your radiation. Do not be affected, and if you are affected, do not stay there and do not stick to what you feel, allow what happens through you to grow and change

Change is a continuous movement, every moment there is something left and the last solution, with our knowledge or without our knowledge, the standardization does not ask us, does not come to take it from us to be or not to be, does not stand waiting for the door our decision to allow or reject it. Change is silent and dormant, every noise we make distracts us from change that destroys what we stick to.

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