In the name of SIM Replacement, there is a tremendous fraud

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Mobile 4G will be launched. The net will run faster. Tejgaon College student Sharmin Islam came to the Grameenphone Center in Farmgate in the capital to reap the reward for the same. But he is in danger. Because Grameenphone is taking 110 cents from their customers to replace each SIM. He was going out of the Grameenphone Center without being replaced by angered by the incident. At this time, the reporters were talking about the creation of Sharmin Islam. Sharmin Islam expressed anger and said, I bought this village SIM a few days ago by paying 150 rupees. Now again to replace the SIM 110 will be paid? If they want, the SIM can be automatically replaced. It's a come-and-go harassment, then money again.
He said, now it is available everywhere in SIM free. Why there is so much money to replace a little Four-win? This is a tremendous fraud with all customers. The way he is doing, he is earning money from us like that. There is no trial in the country! It is not only Sharmin Islam, but there are such images in the city's various mobile operator's careers. Many have expressed their anger and have not left the SIM Replace. In the Grameenphone Center, the customer and the officials have been talking to the customer, Grameenphone has been charging 110 taka from each subscriber for the SIM Four-Replace replaces. However, this service is free for their star customers.

Meanwhile, Banglalink and Robi have been talking to customers and officials in the customer care, Banglalink and Robi Four-G Sim Replace will take Tk 100 from each subscriber in the name of the SIM Replace. Asked about why so much money was being taken, the employees' responsibilities did not agree to any reply. It is known that Grameenphone's present subscriber base is around 7 crore. Robi's subscriber base is 440 million, Banglalink 32 million and Teletalk 44 million. The mobile phone subscriber association has been termed as illegal for re-payment of 4-G-SIM. In the meantime, the postal, telecommunication and information technology minister Mustafa Jabbar has expressed great anger over taking the money from the customer in the name of Four-G Sim Replacement.

On Monday night, he publicly expressed his anger at the mobile operator for the license of FourG in Dhaka Club. The minister said, today I received the charge of a little SIM Replacement charging 110 rupees. That's not right. I talked to our staff, they said there is no logical reason to take it. The minister also said, for any reason, people will not be desirable in any way to get Tk 110 from the three-wheeler to win four. We will draw the attention of the operators, you do not do anything so that it seems to the public that it is illogical. Do not do anything so that the BTRC has to take action.

In the meanwhile, the Bangladesh Mobile Consumer Association said that, in the recent past, with the announcement of the introduction of the government, the operators started SIM Replacement. Initially, if the SIM replacement is free, then on February 14, Grameenphone will receive 110 rupees, Banglalink and Robi 100 taka from subscribers to make the SIM replacement on the market since February 13. But the customers once paid when buying the same SIM. But at the present time, when we want to give the digital and technologically advanced fast-moving services in the public, we think it is not fair to get a new SIM price from the customers in the name of the replacement.

In this regard, Mohiuddin Ahmed, President of Bangladesh Mobile Consumers Association said, the customer has once purchased the SIM with the money. Again, why do you have to pay to go to the Four-G to win four? This is a treacherous fraud at the beginning of the Four-Zee. He said, if the average amount of 100 taka is taken from each subscriber in this way, then operators will be able to get hundreds of thousands of crores of money without any reason. But there is no one to see it in our country. Those who wish to cheat with the common people like them. Even with the finger in the eyes, the authorities are not allowed to take any kind of arrangement against the deceptors, because of an invisible ability. Although now all the free seam is available. He also said that reimbursement of additional income in the replacement of the four-G-SIM is immoral, he said. We have an appeal to the government that no reimbursement will be made from customers in the name of SIM Replacement. -Banglamele 71

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