Wrong Film Series

2년 전

A never ending story...

 I do not think it's good that e.g. in the film series Silence of the Lambs or Lord of the Rings, the prehistory will be published years later than the main stories as films. It makes everything somehow unaesthetic. Especially when the same actors play the characters. The aging of the actors is minimal between the films, yet you notice them. And clearly the audience thinks, "What's next" and is confronted with the prehistory, yet it destroys the tension that lies between the prehistory and the main movie. I would always like to be able to see a chronological sequence chronologically. I do not like this other approach. Red Dragon, for example, is a brilliant movie, but you can easily tell that the following part, "The Silence of the Lambs" (at least if you look at the story, this is the following) was shot earlier. That's just not right and makes the whole story fake. 

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