Find a way to live

3년 전

The next three years you will change depending on the people you meet, the books you read and the places you go through.
1 - Study Promotion - Fukuzawa Yukichi

When it was first published, the book contained a record number of 3.4 million copies, while Japan's population was only about thirty-five million. This alone shows that this is really a bedside book of all Japanese people during the Duy Tan period. Between 1942 and 2000, Iwanami Bunko published seventy-six volumes.

2 - Find a way to live

Viktor Frankl's search for life is one of the classic books of the time. Normally, if a book has only one paragraph, an idea that has the power to change a person's life, then that alone is enough for us to re-read and give it a place on the shelf. his books. This book has many paragraphs like that.

3 - Alchemist

The novel, written in Portuguese, is translated into 56 languages, selling more than 65 million copies in more than 150 countries. This is one of the best-selling books of all time.

4 - 13 Rich Thoughts

The classic book by Napoleon Hill, it was chosen as the bed pillow of many successful people in the world. It is one of the books donated by Deng Le Nguyen Vu free to the young people of Vietnam.

5 - 7 Habits of Successful People

The book is always one of the great trees of the topic "Developing the Body". Living by the Seven Habits Stephen is a constant struggle because as you progress, the nature of the challenges you face must also change.

6 - 21 Financial Freedom Principles

The book will give you ways to become a millionaire, no matter who you are and where your starting point is. You will learn how to set goals, plan and organize actions to achieve the financial goals you want.

7 - Secret of Triệu Phú - T Harv Eker

Analyze habits of thinking, actions that lead to results in money. Secret Triệu Phú will help you orient your mind, act like the rich through the 17 differences between the rich and the poor.

8 - Beat The Man Who Made You - Anthony Robbins

Anthony Robbins is one of the world's leading master trainers. In his three decades of training, he has written only two books, which are two of the most influential books in the field of exploration and personal development. The book is a great supporter, helping you to maximize your potential and the "giant" within you will definitely be awakened.

9 - Three Great Masters

The Three Great Masters is a fictional work. This is the story of a man named Jack Valentine, who plans to search for a better, happier life.

10 - Seven Strategies for Prosperity and Happiness - Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn is called the speaker of the speakers. He is a master of language. The ideas that Jim Rohn shares in the book will be new perspectives and views on life and success.

11 - Teach Your Child to Make Rich

Finance is an important part of life. As a young person, the earlier you know about finances, the better you will be when you get older. What will you do when both parents teach you money and lifestyle choices?

12 - The power of whole heart

In the New York Times best-seller book Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz have proven that time management is not the only way that energy management is key to maintaining both high performance and efficiency. health, happiness and balance of life.

13 - Dialogue with God - Neale Donald Walsch

To me, Dialogue with God is really good and meaningful. I caught sight of this book while feeling the deadlock with life and the relationships around and was impressed by the intriguing introduction, despite the fact that I did not believe it at the time. the miracle like that. But when I bought and read the first pages, I realized that it is not too exaggeration to say that "this book has" the power to "change your perception and life."

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