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While you are immersed in Facebook or playing games, somebody is learning the hard way, gathering the knowledge and information necessary for their lives. Or are they just improving their computer skills - are you sure you're okay with this?

  1. Because you have not failed enough

You are satisfied with your own mediocre position, and choose not to try for anything. You like to say to yourself, "I'm going to learn a new profession" rather than actually going to school. You often pinch your tongue, it may seem too complicated, sometimes for later or "do not always work".

Because while you were sitting there, I was challenging myself with successive failures, learning new things.
Because only when you fail you have the lesson for you, like the steel that gets me through the red flames and slammed into the sword, you are enough to cope with the life of the sword is much sharper than you. .

  1. Because you always watch what others think of you

You always have to struggle to get into the crowd. Because you think, the difference is only worth when you are different in the same way that makes others stand out!

You are afraid to expose your true self, if you can judge other people, you think that they must certainly speak out about your way of life. The more you care about how much you have, the less you do.

You spend the money to buy clothes, the car is ragged, eat sorceries - and I put that money to invest for yourself. While I make the world accept me, it's hard for you to integrate with the tens of thousands out there by imitating what you think they like.

  1. Because you think you are smarter than people

Think again, you read what others have read, learn what they have learned, do what they did, yet called smart?
You learn what you think can help you pass their test and you think that makes you look smart?

You only learn when you are still in school. While you are trying to imagine the immense world of the small class, I was out there, experiencing it by living and challenging myself beyond the cradle of the family, teacher.
Because intelligence does not show through what you have learned, but through the way you live.

  1. Because you do not read books

You just read what the school presses you to read, but also - nothing.

You think history is boring, and philosophy is too ambiguous.
You would rather watch TV than discover something interesting, like seeing the world through the lens of another person in their book.

And you do not even look at this article, instead you click on a sensational news.

Surely you know these things. But one can only take the horse to the edge of the water, or drink it by itself.

  1. You have not been curious about everything since?

You receive passive information from each other's copy pages. You do not even ask sad, "as if I have just misread the truth?"

You are ready to admire someone, "Wow, what you know!", But dared not open his mouth, "I do not know what the hell."
While you are playing Candy Crush or Flappy Bird, someone is getting more interesting and valuable information for their lives than many. Or are they just improving their computer skills - are you sure you're okay with this?

Because when you have to enter into a debate, you will be knocked down by your opponents, with sharp arguments and evidence from all walks of life, because he mastered everything you are about to deal with. .

He is so good that he can change your mind and still win you over after you've given him a chance to score from his point of view.

  1. Because you have not asked enough questions yet

You do not ask questions to the authorities. For the school. For company. For yourself.

You do not understand the power of the questions at the right place at the right time; Disagreement is courteous; Stand up for what you believe is right.

You say more than you ask. You make others have the opportunity to kill you because you give him too much information. You do not care about anyone except yourself.

But do not ask how you are exposing all your stupid ignorance in a naive way.

  1. Because you do not know the truth

You do not dare to acknowledge yourself do not know too many things. You need to know that reading the article does not compensate for all the time you have wasted in your life.

If someone says, tomorrow will be different, you will wait until tomorrow to start moving hands.

You walk around everywhere, happily denying the truth that makes you uncomfortable. Just once, you give your tongue, and taste the truth - how it tastes.

The only thing that hinders you from doing extraordinary things is YOUR HEART.

Do not take your degree to make a difference, I can easily pass your test, but in my test, the score you get is only one word: LIVING !

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