I'm Ready to Leave Steemit.

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So here's the deal. I'm not having fun on here anymore and that's just the honest truth at this point.

It has never really been about the money for me. I'm yet to take a single cent out of Steem Power in the few years that I've been posting here. I've been financially stable enough to never need it.

So that's not the reason I'm seriously considering bouncing from here.

When I joined, this place just felt like the breath of fresh air that I needed with social media. A new place that organically grew content where the user base was engaged and made me want to be engaged. Tons of people making creative stuff and sharing it. Every day it felt like I was meeting people making or curating awesome stuff. I went out an bought a camera just to work on videos and add to that community.

I know some people are probably going to just look at my feed and say it's a bunch of low effort song of the day posts, but I love sharing music and I made a solid handful of like minded friends just doing that.

But more than likely, people are just going to say nothing and that's why I'm ready to move on.

It's been well over a year since I've had any moment that felt remotely close to that first month on this platform. It just isn't fun for me at this point and the juice is not worth the squeeze. Very few people are interacting organically on here IMO. Most of the activity with upvotes is automation and for someone who just wants to interact with people I've been feeling for a while that this just isn't the place to do it. Navigating a web of Discord servers just isn't for me. Memorizing the most pertinent Hashtags to attract whales isn't my thing either.

And honestly, I'm as guilty of some (most) of the stuff I've been complaining about as well. Incentives drive behavior and as engagement got lower I could have doubled down and tried to be the change I wanted, but I didn't. I know that.

Nearly every post I see lately has been Justin Sun related and I will admit that if I were heavily knowledgable about the technical aspects of Blockchain here I'd be a furious as everyone else is.

But I'm not.

I'm not because this place isn't fun anymore.

I just want to share music and see creative stuff from awesome people.

I'll be powering down tonight because I'm ready to leave.

Big thanks to all the cool people who kept me hanging around for about a year longer than I should have. You guys are great and I think I've followed most of you on other platforms. Maybe I'll change my mind at some point. I don't know. I reserve that right.

Best of luck.


Fuck, I don't even know what hashtags to put anymore.

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shit. I feel that i need to erite a coment to this your post, but i have some troubles with my language. Im Russian) Ill finde a time latere to sit down with a google translator and write down here what im thinking about "leave steamit"


I'd appreciate it. I love the concept of the site, it's just not living up to my expectations and it's beginning to just feel like work.


every day I am going to write a long message, but every day I carry it to tomorrow xD
what kind of person am I?)))

Engagement s*cks lately indeed. And all the Justin posts trending and all still some of the good posts overshadowing is hopefully only temporary. Am not sure of Steem based blogging will become better again, but I do have a bit more hope for the new HIVE chain to be a better. Time will tell. You may leave Steemit, but give HIVE a chance.


Thanks man. I'll give Hive a chance, but I'm still going to start powering down once all of my Steem is back from delegations. I don't really want to hold it here anymore in hopes of getting some stuff airdropped to me. If their roadmap looks solid and not some incredibly distant future thing I'll most likely get into it.

It's just a real bummer for me. In theory, this place should be like a better Medium, but with authentic engagement so low it just isn't going to be.