Update on my CDH survivor champ

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Hi Steemiverse,

How is everyone? We know people are staying home, finding the new norm, adapting to the new lifestyle while the earth is healing. Somehow, we have to stay positive as much as we can, find inspiration and motivation to keep going, without denying the fact somedays can be harder than usual. Here, I want to send my love to everyone before I blog my stuff.

What An Eventful Day

It started off in the morning when my youngest son, the one with CDH, complaining that his stoma was painful. I was busy preparating breakfast and then finishing somemore housechores before needed to go out for groceries shopping. I told him I would look into it and thoroughly checked his feeding button in a while. And then after breakfast, he felt better as in lesser pain.

So I thought I could quickly went out nearby to buy sone vegetables and meat. Before I could leave the house, Jansen called out to me, while standing there not moving and said "Mummy, I think it is dropping out and it ia painful."

I saw the feeding button dangling halfway and was nervous inside although had been trained to look calm so not to brush on the nervousness on the child. I put down my bag and keys, walked towards him and quickly pushed back the feeding button into the stomach. Ouch!!!

Bad news is we do not have spare

I made him lie down and comforted him after the ouch pain. I checked with the instructed method given on the balloon inside, and confirmed that it had ruptured. No balloon means no securing. I told him I needed to secure the button with gauze or tape so that it would not drop out. If the feeding button drops out, it would be a disaster for us. Firstly, we do not have spare as the stock had not arrived since the last we ordered. Secondly, to put back the old one would be extremely hurtful painful as the ruptured balloon inside would have course rough surface. To push through like that will greatly hurt the passage and will cause bleeding. Thank God it had not drop out, just dangling halfway about to drop out.

First Taping Method

You could tell from his face he was not satisfied with this way of taping. And he felt heavy and thick and not comfortable. Plus, he did say like still can feel the feeding tube about to dangle. Ok, quick think of another way.

Second trial taping

0ms7b7.jpg. This one, from the look itself, one can feel secure. I asked Jansen how he felt. He said he felt comfortable and no more painful from the dangling feeling. I literally just tape the button agaisnt his stomach skin. The only side effect would be too many surface areas on tape, so his skin might be sensitive after few days. We shall see...

"I am alright".

Jansen said he was alright and could smile and posed with his spidey. Then he sat up and said this, "Can take another of my photo with thumbsup!"


LINE (Gradient) WHITE DOWN.png

Praying that all will be well and eventually we will tide through this global crisis.

LINE (Gradient) WHITE DOWN.png

❤️Love from me❤️



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