How stigma affects the lives of mental illness sufferers

3년 전

I remember what I thought of people with mental illness before I got diagnosed with a few of my own... I used to think that people with mental illness were violent and weird....but its only after I got diagnosed that I was proven wrong....and that what I used to think could actually hurt others..

Our assumptions of what mental illness is like and what people with mental illness are like can really be harmful ...and can even make people feel too affraid to be who they are. It has made people with mental illness seem dangerous, unintelligent and weird whereas the truth tells such a different story since some of the most witty,sweet, caring, smart and loving people have some form of mental illness.

Just remember...we didnt ask to be this way and just because you are uneducated about what mental illness really is doesnt mean that you should make everyone around you think the same uninformed thoughts that you think about mental illness.

Take your time and get to know people suffering from mental illness and see how wrong it was to stigmatize them.

Lets beat the stigma together !

Till my next post ! Ciao !:)

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When I was in high school I volunteered to work with students who're often diagnosed with aspergers and other forms of mental illnesses. Before then I didn't think much of people who struggle to live under those circumstances. My whole experience back then changed how I am now and I'm really greatful for that.

I agree that stigmas can be very damaging.


Thank you so much for your support and opinion :)