Why some people never Smile

4년 전

Makes you wonder why some people never stop smiling and why some people are always miserable

It had me thinking WHY...

We have all seen them.. The misery's . If they smile it would crack their face but why.

Are they lacking a sense of humour.

Apparently high Testosterone levels make a person less likely to smile and the less sensitive types . So people who don't smile and laugh are more sensitive.

Do they think they look stronger or will appear more tough if they don.t smile. Apparently that is the case and they think by smiling you are being weak.

Naturally if they are unhappy or something has happened in their lives such as a bereavement or something along those lines this is naturally going to affect ones outlook.

Some people can be really blessed with good looks however I have seen good looking people smiling and then they don't actually look as appealing.

They may have crooked teeth or think that they don't look good when they smile, or is it they think people won't take them seriously if they smile.

Or is it the image they want to portray to others.

Is it about intelligence and by not smiling you are seen as more intelligent or is just your personality or hereditary whether you smile a lot or not.

Makes you wonder..

image courtesy of Pixabay

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And now you have me wondering?, Thanks.

I am brilliant. That is why I don't often smile...and I have a sense of humor. Great post Ian! How are the cows today?

I've been told I don't smile because I'm a *itch ;)