Green Detox??!!

2년 전

Here are your green vegetables, formulated into a powder mix for detoxification...

This mixture has the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients your body needs to fight inflammation and boost your immune system among other things!!

I believe, I'm going to buy some and try it out...

Here is a link to the website, which lists the ingredients and what this product is good for.


The last time I detoxed my body was around 2012/ 2013 and I felt so much better(ha, even though I did go to the restroom a lot)..;-((
I started my detoxing on a Thursday night( it took about a day to get in my system good), so I had the whole weekend..

I did a 3 day detox!!

I felt like, I had been recharged and had a lot more energy.
My clarity was more clearer, I didn't have the brain fog, etc....

Now that I'm thinking back on it,, I AM going to get some, and do myself and my body a favor.!!!
They will thank me later... LOL....

I Hope This Was Helpful And Informative...

Thanks For Viewing!!

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