The Artic Fox At Noccalula Falls..

2년 전

An Artic Fox, is one animal we don't see everyday here in Alabama, so I thought it would be cool to take a few photos of this one..

It wasn't very photogenic, but it did come out of a different area of its enclosure, as we got closer to it.


It was very hot that day, and I didn't see any other foxes around. So, that may have something to do with it's "no eye contact", and not posing for the camera.. I don't know!!



I'm not sure what it was sniffing around for here, in this photo. Maybe it was close to feeding time and it was looking for a little critter, as an appetizer..


As it was walking away, it did look down on the blues and I actually felt sorry for the little fella..

Just wanted to share these photos with you all, sorry I didn't get more..

Thanks For Viewing!!

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que buena foto de ese fox re quedo muy buena


Muchas gracias. Lo tomé con mi teléfono celular.