The Fat Boys.. Anyone Ever Heard Of, Or Remember Them??

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The first time I ever heard of beat boxing, this is the song I heard... Stick Em… It's probably not there best, but it was a great start...

Stick Em

Can You Feel It

These first 2 songs were off of their 1st album--Fat Boys--…. Can You Feel It, was a much better song, IMO.

Krush Groovin' from the 1985 movie--Krush Groove--

All You Can Eat, from the Krush Groove movie..

Then off of their 2 album-- Fat Boys Are Back--- the song is actually called Fat Boys Are Back!!
Not an actual video, but the song..

Crushin' off their 1987 album-- Crushin'--.. I forgot about this song,, it's pretty tight. I now remember it banging loud in my older bro' car... Boom Boom..

Ha, seems like they had a lot of fun with this song-- Wipe Out-- with The Beach Boys...
This is one groovy song, I'm over here bobbing my head to the beat... LOL...

Another fun song--The Twist-- with Chubby Checker...

Not only were the Fat Boys great recording artists, but they also were in movies!!
One of the funnier movies was, Disorderlies (1987)…

Just reminiscing back on my teenage years, when I didn't have a care in the world.. Haha

The Fat Boys:

Prince Markie Dee
Damon Wimbley "Kool Rock-Ski"
Darren Robinson "The Human Beat Box"--(Rest In Peace)--

I Hope You All Enjoy, And That This Was Entertaining..

Thanks For Viewing!!!

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