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Awoken in the darkest hour of the Night.
Where the 'Sleep is being murdered' by the thoughts of the cruelty world.

With psychological question echoing in the mind.

"If we close our eyes on the things we don't want to see, can we also close our heart on the things we don't want to feel?.. It's a question...

The rolling tears which causes sorrows that vex the mind..
Pondering on earthly pilgrimage of mankind..
Oh! What a World!..

It echoes in the mind the word of MAHATMA GANDHI; "An eye for an eye make the whole world blind"..

Darkness has covered the world..
Clouds of adversity-So darken and

No wonder MOTHER TERESA says; "Words which do not carry the light of Christ increase darkness"..

Talking of Reformation...
The word of St.Ireneaus came into display..
"Error is never set forth in it's naked deformity lest being thus exposed, it should at once be detected. But is craftily decorated out, in an attractive dress, so as by it outward form to make it appear to the inexperienced more true than truth itself"..
That's the outcome of Reformation..

Hmmm... It got to a point that pilgrims' lips almost draw close to kiss the ground..
Birthed in time of Adversity lies a true Friend and a Brother..

What's the hope of human race?..
With all these things befallen mankind, man should stand firm and keep on a strong grip on the teachings and instructions passed on to mortals by the past Great Apostles and the present..

Awakening the mind from the thoughts..
Came the conclusion of the whole matter..

On a final and philosophical Note, let the Government and the Governed bear this in mind that "INJUSTICE" done to man, will be redressed and punished, if not now but later, if not by man but by God, the Almighty..

That's my Inspiration...
Pastor Isaac Ekere

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