Egoism and Narcissism Extreme: The Cause of Someone Won't Married

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Selfishness is a trait that can be said to be not good for humans as social beings. There are certain individuals who are very egocentric and egoistic, with a sense of selfishness and excessive self-love. Self-love (narcissism) that not excessive is normal, and it is even necessary to maintain self-esteem and personal worth. However, if narcissism and egoism are so extreme, then these traits will certainly make it difficult for one's self-adjustment with others.


Someone who wants to win alone, and always thinks himself the most correct, and never want to admit his mistakes, such people are would removed (kept away) by the crowd as a partner to play, as a potential husband or as a future wife. Someone who is too narcissistic is preoccupied with his own experience and pleasure. Because of that rarely can he establish personal relationships with others. Except for the person who is willing to sacrifice himself completely, and willingly exploited throughout his life.

These highly selfish and narcissistic people usually nobody wants to marry him, or he himself likes a self-indulgent lifestyle throughout his life. People like this are angry, cynical, and always want to win themselves and he also does not want to change this attitude for his environment or friendship.


Generally, people who are extreme egoism, they do not know compromise, this complicates the willingness to marry because each individual (male or female) wants to keep his own habits, and continue a pattern of solitary life in a long time.

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Egois memang sangat berbahaya dalam kehidupan..

Very good your post