The Husband's Gentleness To His Wife is A Way To Save A Household From Destruction

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Hello Everyone ... I wish you all in good health

In this post, I want to discuss how the husband's attitude to his wife? Can the husband beat his wife? From the many cases of domestic violence occurred, I was inspired to give enlightenment about how the husband's attitude to his wife, how a husband should treat his wife? Sometimes the husband with arbitrarily beat his wife without any slightest affection in his heart?

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Basically, harsh treatment especially accompanied by beatings is a sin. Is the husband not ashamed of his wife, who is angry with his wife during the day, and makes love to her at night? In the daytime, he used his hand to beat his wife, then the hand also he used to hug and touch his wife at night, the mouth he used to scold his wife during the day was the mouth he used to kiss his wife at night.

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It is true that in the teachings of Islam it is permissible to beat a wife when the wife has rebelled and rebelled against her husband, that is not the first command in Islam because when the wife of lawlessness to her husband, the first thing is ordered to advise her and guide her to be a good and obedient wife her husband.

If with any advice there is no change, in the sense that the wife is still ungodly to her husband, then the husband should leave her in bed (separating bed). If the second way is still still ungodly, then it is permissible to beat the wife but the punch is not that harm (harm) physical or mental. In the sense of a punch that does not mean to hurt and indulge in anger, such as just the attitude to express regret and not happy with a behavior has been done by his wife.

A husband may beat his wife with an educational punch (a light blow) that does not endanger his wife in a condition where the husband has done ways of one and two. So it is a blow to educate and improve the relationship between the two (husband and wife). And the husband is obliged to educate his wife to be a good and obedient woman in her religion and obedient to her husband. So it is a blow to educate and improve the relationship between the two (husband and wife).

The punch should not be directed to the face and harmful organs. If the blow has an impact, then the husband should be responsible for the blow, then he deserves to be punished for his actions, in accordance with applicable law decided by the judge.

So a painful and impacting blow is not accepted by religion, because it is a transcendental (inhuman) act that violates Human Rights and violates the law, in such cases the wife may and is entitled to sue for divorce from her husband. Even courts can force a husband to divorce his wife, or this divorce can be established by a leader or official.

It would be nice if every problem is not violated except in an emergency. The violence of any kind never can solve the problem. Conversely, gentleness and affection is a proven way can solve problem.

Especially for husbands as leaders in the household, should the husband provide an example of tenderness for his wife and children. Children who are educated in violent nuances will grow up to be hard and sadistic children. Therefore, husbands should be gentle to their wives and children lovingly so that the household becomes a paradise of the world.

Hopefully, this post becomes enlightenment to the husbands in being gentle and romantic to their wife.


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good article and very useful, hopefully my husband is not being rude and hard to me. I hope he can guide me into a good woman. thanks @ijoel it's very means for me


I am sure, your husband is a good man and loves his wife and children sincerely

para isteri (wanita) bukan binatang peliharaan, maka suami jangan merendahkan dan memperlakukan mereka dengan cara dan perilaku yang tidak pantas. Wanita juga harus dihargai dan di sayangi serta di cintai dengan tulus. jangan ketika butuh saya perlu wanita, setelah itu mencampakan nya.

  ·  4년 전

Household ark is not always eternal and harmonious, sometimes because spele problems can destroy household harmony. I think that every problem should not be solved with violence and punch because it is not good (inhuman), I agree with you, @ijoel, first, nasehati, after being advised not to change, separating the bed, after that not yet finished, and beat him with an educational blow (not a dangerous blow)

saya setuju dengan anda, bahwa kekerasan itu bukan untuk menyelesaikan masalah bahkan kadang-kadang menambah dan mepersulit permasalahan. I liket it

saya sangat menyukai apa yang anda bagikan ini, ini merupakan salah bentuk pencerahan bagi suami isteri agar mereka lebih dewasa dalam menghadapi masalah dalam rumah tangga pasca pernikahan

artikel yang luar biasa bermakna dan berguna untuk menyelamatkan rumah tangga dari kehancuran (broken home)

Cerita yang sangat menarik perhatian saya.

dari tulusan anda, saya melihat seakan-akan anda adalah pria yang sangat mencintai dan menghormati wanita. ini sangat bermakna dan berarti bagi kami (para wanita). Wanita itu ingin dicintai dan dimanjakan dan dipuji. Tapi kami juga punya terhadap sauami, maka hak dan kewajiban itu akan kami tunaikan (tidak kami abaikan)

yang kaum adam (suami) bek semena-mena memukul isteri, ban hana bu pam pum ta tampa inong. nasehat yang baik untuk para suami

Kalon pubut large arahan droneuh. Bantu Suara beh.


get tgk, teungoh lon mita solusi keudroneuh


Alhamdulillah. Terimakasih

awesome, @ijoel. I like your post. that's very nice and a lot benefits

  ·  4년 전

nice artikel, I like what you writen. I guess, it's very benefits

bereh that nyan @ijoel.