Tips: Educating Today's Generation and a Smart Way To Keep Them From The Negative Influence of Gadgets

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In the present era, one of be the attention and need to be criticized is the problem of the generation of today, Talking about the generation of the present era certainly cannot be released with the development of technology today. It can be said that almost all children cannot be avoided from technology and its development. All gagdet known by them, ranging from smartphones, ipad, tablets, and so forth. Even not only children who live in urban areas but the children in the village was already a lot of addicted gagdet (gagdet mania).

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In ancient times sitting in a coffee shop were mostly grown men. However, times have changed, where now the seated in the coffee shop not only adult men, but children aged junior high, and elementary school, busy coming to a place called "coffee shop". It's a new phenomenon that needs to be criticized. What do they (elementary and junior high school kids) do there? They are to a coffee shop not to enjoy a cup of coffee, but more likely because of the free wi-fi provided by the stall owner. Well, that's where they use free wi-fi to surf the internet, download online games or whatever content they want. They freely and very freely seek and see what they want there, without anyone mentoring.

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Now in the villages, it is very rare we meet children who play kites, hide-and-seek, bicycle and other traditional games. They are now more engrossed sitting and gathering in the coffee stalls are available free wifi, and busy with gadget respectively. No communication or voice chat with their fellow. Then, this kind of generation which we hope to build a better human civilization in the future?

If it is like this phenomenon of current generation, what methods and techniques need to be applied to educating future generations?

The current phenomenon in which the effect of gagdet on children is remarkable, not only in parenting, but their minds and attitudes have been much influenced by what they see in cyberspace. If what they see is positive then the effect is also positive, and that will please us as parents, but if they see is the negative content that more we meet in the virtual world of course this will be very worried about us as parents.

For example, they only watch porn content, of course, this will have a negative impact and very influential on the development of their mental patterns. They will have difficulty concentrating on classroom learning, not focusing on learning, and worse porn content is addictive. What's more they see is violent content. This will trigger the child more active and reactive in associating with each other. Given the children are still in the stage of growth, they can not distinguish what is right and what is wrong, they have not recognized their true identity.

How is difficult we to educate the generation of today?

Here I try to give the right tips in educating the current generation. In the teachings of Islam, there is one hadith that ever apostle said: "Educate your child according to his time".

Because now is the era of technology and the digital era, we as educators and parents have to find and choose the right learning method for our children, we must condition their education with the present era, in the sense that their methods and educational techniques are different from the techniques and methods education in our era first.

As we know that existing content in cyberspace is not filtered, then, in this case, the right tips in educating them are as follows:

  1. Education of Aqeedah (Theology)
    Instilling aqidah early to children so that they to know God of the creator and regulator of this universe. Education of theology is the foundation and their basic not to commit acts of sin such as watching porn movies and so forth. When their religion basic already exist and their faith is strong, then they will not do and access negative content when surfing the internet. If in every lesson at school be included theology and faith lessons, then I think it would be very easy for us educators or parents to create a character of honesty and good morals on self them (children).

  2. The child must be equipped with the purpose of the creation of man, in this case, the parent is the teacher must equip the child that man is created for worship in accordance with the religion he embraces.

  3. Explain to them that each animate must die. Every human being will be held accountable for what they do in this world. If he is good and a lot of worship enters heaven, if bad certainly go to hell.

  4. Exemplify the practice of daily worship with istiqamah (perseverance).

  5. Avoid them from the negative effects of gadgets with the agreement that has been agreed previously between parents and children.

I think, the above points are an effort and things that must be done by parents to keep and avoid their child from gadget addiction.

Much Love & Mercy

Thank You Much For Your Time

The Best Regards, @ijoel

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