Curiosities- 15 things you didn't know!

3년 전

Greet friends. I hope that this idea of sharing with you some of the curiosities of the world we live in is not too bad. It is said that the more we know, the more valuable we are. I suggest you read some of my selected curiosity.

1.The blood vessels in the human body have a total length of almost 100,000 km, enough to surround the earth about two and a half times.

  1. Scientists like to do various calculations and sometimes we do not understand their meaning. For example, the chances of a man being hit by a meteorite is once 9,300 years old.

  2. If we took a piece of stone, like a finger, from a neutron star, we could not lift it because it weighs over 100 million tons.

  3. Mother nature does not need money to generate an explosion, she just needs a hurricane. Research has found that the power of such a phenomenon is a bomb of 8,000 megatrons.


  1. In the world, more than 700 million people are infested with the Ancylostoma duodenal parasite worm.

  2. Not only can cars reach high speeds, it looks like you can do this on a ride. It seems that cyclist Fred Rompelberg has reached the speed of 268 km / h.

  3. With technology being increasingly advanced, humanity has the ability to produce a stronger laser 100 times the sun.

  4. It's still not known why, but 65% of people with Down's syndrome are lefty.

  5. The pines in the Finnish forests have deep roots of nearly 50 meters.

  6. If we extract all the salt from the seas and oceans of the world, we could cover all continents with a layer of 15 meters thick with it. The pines in the Finnish forests have deep roots of nearly 50 meters.

  7. Annually, each person accidentally swallows around 430 insects.


  1. Rye can have long roots up to 643 km.

  2. Butterflies feel the taste with their feet, thus establishing whether a leaf is edible for it.

  3. Polar bears can run at a speed of 40 km / h and can jump to a height of two meters.

  4. In space there is an interstellar cloud called Sagittarius B2 that has a particularly concentrated alcohol content.

Our world it's just amazing. I hope you learned a few news and it was not a waste of time to read this short article.

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My attention was that of the butterfly.

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