Fear - lets talk about it for a sec...

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What is fear, really? and why is it essential? where does its advantage begin and ends?
Fear is an involuntary response originated in the parasympathetic neural system.
The purpose of this system is to preserve our most basic life functions as living beings in situations that threatens or may threaten our survival.
When we are scared this system activates a variety of neural expressions that directly affect our general feeling and signal us to escape or avoid the threat. Among those expressions are accelerated pulse, adrenaline secretion, elevated blood sugar levels and pupil expansion.

Accelerated pulse testifies the body is pumping extra blood and oxygen to the muscles in order to help the flight, as does the adrenalin designed to stimulate and accelerate our reactions. The sugar function is to provide the energy needed for the expected effort in an efficient and immediate manner. The expansion of the pupils is intended to enable sharp differentiation and alertness.

So the fear response is most important to us.
Sometimes fear stems from the unknown - that is, lack of knowledge. In such cases, this important response often results in undesirable outcomes. Such as negative thoughts, pessimism or depression. If the fear, however rational, is preventing us from doing certain things.

From my personal experience, to avoid this kind of situations, I must understand the fear I'm dealing with, investigate it, in order to reduce the threat it emanates from, it can manifest itself in a wide variety of areas in life and even in relatively minor matters that others may interpret as special courage, stupidity or irresponsibility. But in my considerable experience there are varied right ways to deal with fears, but they always come in the form of knowledge.

This is why I welcome fear, because it makes me sharper, more aware of details, motivates me to investigate, demand, persevere, and usually to fulfill what I want in the safest way possible and emerge stronger when I know that it's not that
'I have defeated fear' rather than it has motivated me to improve myself, to push myself to the limit of my ability to prove myself, first of all, it was only the tip of the iceberg and I'm capable of much more.

And you're probably wondering why am I telling you all this ... So I'll just say that in a very short while, I'm about to bring life to the world and there's a lot of uncertainty in that, and a lot of good people around me which I know have only best intentions, are afraid of the exciting process I have to go through, and they feel they need alert me in every step I make, because they worry, or want to be 'covered', or have their own set of beliefs and sources and their references.

So I wanted to calm them down, I aware, I learning hard, I take responsibility for myself rather than let others decide for me and be managed. I dedicate myself to it ... I was born woman. And so I was born to give birth. It is inherent in me, primal, powerful and challenging just like fear. And that is why I know that on the other side of this experience I will emerge stronger.
Just because that's how it should be. Think positive and you'll see miracles!
Dare dream😍!

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