Something about the parental power that drives the world and the otherness embodied in human cub...

3년 전

Little child of mine, my precious human cub,
Every day, I watch you as I nurse you while you stare at me with your big wonderful eyes. Reflecting that divine incarnation, the spark, and know that I have a part in it, and I am grateful for your being, for being with you, for being together.

I look at you grow while you sleep. Surprised every day how much you have grown and developed. How independent you are already in your tiny dimensions.
A Little Man.
And I think about the future, and the person you become when you grow up. What choices will you make and pray that you choose the right ones, that you will be well, and be happy.
I'm returning the present, and am so delighted by your need of me. from my ability to be there for you and sometimes feel like I am your whole world just as you are mine ... and I'm a bit concerned...of the day you might not want me so close.

I also think about the person you may choose to spend your life with, and pray they will be good to you and be a family to us rather than separate you from us. I think about your children and ask myself what kind of dad will you be… and on that day we wouldn’t be able to be there for you anymore to hold your hand or guide you.

And it's important to me, so very important that you know all I do is driven by what you'll have tomorrow. In a desperate attempt, perhaps, to prepare you. Prepare the world for you. Make the world better for you, that is more enabling, aware and supporting existence.

It's important to me that you understand that I might not achieve it all before you grow up. You are growing so fast…
It's important to me that you know that I do my best trying, and I have tried. That I'm sometimes wrong, and make mistakes...but I also have seen some success – look at you! Miraculous, wonderful, uplifting and amazing boy that you are, as only a child can be! a mother's child. My child!

And most importantly, I want you to know how much I love you!


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