Cycles of emotions.

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Time when there was so much more to use for poetry, dreams and cherishing hope, that time could be used for such activities.

Life is not just about reality. There are also hopes, dreams and wishes in the middle.
What happens if there is so much at one time? Isn't it possible that in the end all this can be left out?
How do you separate the little whims of the moment from the big dreams?

For start...

If we were to draw moods, thoughts, emotions and all the other feelings as a curve, it might look very similar to the curve used to represent the economic cycle. It has a rise, a peak, a fall and a cavity. It could be said that our feelings also tend to happen in the same way. At some point we feel an uplifting, perfect feeling, but in the next we may be feel like thrown into a pit.

The following...

In fact, one can observe something similar when visiting this patient. This could even be explained by the community around him, with whom he comes in contact, the people he sees and so on. Even if we know that this is the problem, we cannot solve it - for the time being, since we have to observe from the beginning, we have to find out why the "emotion cycle" has reached the cavity phase.

At the end...

Emotions are an important component of all people; yes, also the negatives. However, there are external factors that allow everyone to maintain positive emotions. If any factor raises us in the wings, feeling boredom within ourselves, then there are factors that knock us out of this position, like a baseball hit by one player so that the opponent can make a "home run" around the field while the other team tries to deliver. ball to "home base"...

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