Help the family not lose the house.



Hello, and how you know now is a hard time with this quarantine situation. And I know there are very many more people who are struggling through ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But also my family (Mother with two sons). Unfortunately, the mother has health problems that do not allow her to work in any job and I lost the only job in this quarantine time but without money no food no electricity no other necessary things. Also, there is a rent delay so there is a risk to lose an only house for this family. In this situation, I do not know what to do because everything happened so fast one day everything is fine the other does not know how to even provide food for the family without a job and no one knows when I get a new one in quarantine time. So I don't ask any big donation amounts but I will be glad for every cent you help get through this situation. If there is someone ho can help us go here:

Picture source: Own taken by Huawei P Smart 2019

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