Do we really want to be free and Sovereign or do you want to play the game?

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Food for thought. I am most definitely not political. I am just sharing my insights on what I see unfolding in America.

Many are divided by this building of the wall. We say we do not want borders and no one owns this PlanET AKA Mother Earth. Yet, we do agree to buy land build on her body and claim it as our own, if we have the financial means. If not we rent a property such as an apartment, flat, loft or house. We all still participate in ownership and limitation of some sort.

Do you lock your doors? If so why? Do you build fences on your land? If so why?

You see all of our roles are different and we all have beLIEf systems we have to break free from.

If you are going to judge this President as a citizen of the United States, which means you partake in the idea and concepts of ownership of land and promoting values and laws, which is supposedly, what we are doing, then you have to support the idea or beLIEf of protecting the USA at all costs. Foundations we were built upon supposedly.

Many bash healthcare and then demand it. Education which many loathe and yet boast about their degrees, hate law enforcement, yet call on them when they are afraid.

Can we not see our own hypocrisy?

If you can see your triggers and heal those wounds, you are able to see more clearly. We do not have to agree to play this game.

So if we claim to want freedom and sovereignty then why are we participating in every agenda in this arena that 100% wants to keep us from knowing who we really are?

With love and gratitude,

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It is hypocrisy. We are so far gone though, I don't think there is a political solution anymore. They can only print money for so long before it becomes worthless.

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