The Difference in the Appearance Of Being Healthy and Actually BEing Healthy.

3년 전

This is so true. There are many that eat well, exercise, have a lifestyle and an appearance that create the illusion of health and beauty. I know from personal experience times that I was often eating well and my most attractive on the outside, I was not focused on what I was suppressing on the inside.

We have to be consciously aware in our intentions. Do I really want to be healthy and well? Or, do I care more about the appearance of being healthy and beautiful on the outside rather than being healthy and well?

Life itself and doing the internal work of dealing with your stuff can leave you feeling, and looking physically worn and tattered. Yet inner beauty is always visible.

We are all here to experience life, death and rebirth. When we allow ourselves to be real the process is revealed as our friend, not our adversary.



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