Cryptocurrency isn't about investing, speculation and making money -- BE CAREFUL

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A lot of people have no idea what cryptocurrency is really for -- I WILL TELL YOU.


Look around. Everyone is obsessed about cryptocurrency prices.

How much money they can make by buying, selling, or trading.

Satoshi Nakamoto never created Bitcoin for the sole purpose of the speculation of the price of Bitcoin. He released a gift of technology that could be adapted to many parts of our everyday lives.

Bitcoin design was entirely about transacting "something" from one person, to another, with no middle-man, via an open ledger, and a trustless system that cannot be changed, and publicly seen.

  • Ya, we heard something about that before -- what's your point?

Truthfully speaking.. many of us have lost sight of what we should be really looking at..

Yes, you can make money investing, buying, selling, or trading cryptocurrency.

However Satoshi never designed it to only be used for the purposes of "making money".

The truth is... he gave a provable technical way, for humans to trade value, or assets, with no middleman verifying and guaranteeing the transactions.

No one talks about it.

I'm talking about it.

...and it DOES matter.

It is easy to get lost in the excitement of speculation, coin or token values, and how much of that you can turn back into fiat cash... but at some point you must realize...

The bigger picture... is upon us... and very few people are realizing it.

The entire accounting system has, (and will) change for the entire world, due to cryptocurrency and blockchains.

  • There is no need for private books, nor Freedom of information acts, nor Centralized registries.

...everything can be publicly recorded, disseminated and scrutinized on a trustless, and immutable blockchain.

So questions for you might be:

  • (a) Why isn't your local state or government using this technology?
  • (b) Why isn't your insurance agent?
  • (c) Why isn't the court system?
  • (d) Why isn't almost every aspect of your life... where there is a "centralized" keeper of records, not using decentralized blockchains to prove the data is recorded, unchangeable, and holds its value in history?

The newest generation of children today... will grow up and realize this should be the case.

Have you realized it yet?

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I know why.

Because all your named parasitic institutions ( governments, insurance agents, court systems, etc etc etc) if they start use blockchain - will become soon absolete themselves, and loose all the tools to rape people.
It is so obviuos.


I don't know if I'd go that far... but...

Public institutions should be publicly accountable, at the very minimum.

Hey do you have a Twitter account? I agree, we have made countless services obsolete with technology. Why not money or forms of record? My guess is these things are very complex and ingrained in to our society. It will be hard to replace but not impossible.

Large established organizations have working legacy computing systems, working as the result of huge expense and effort over many years. A few years ago I noticed my local bank (Big 5 bank) was running on Windows 2000 [sic], for example. To change over to something new and relatively untried is not going to happen quickly.