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  ·  2년 전

This is a fact! I usually call it auto-pilot mode... :)
Regular people just find it difficult to reason about their routines, their past decisions or the various options they took in life.
I don't understand it... Why on earth can it be difficult to change your mind about something? Maybe society and community have some weight on this behaviour, don't you think?
And with the evolution of social media we are seeing even further enprisonment of people by their options than ever before... there are kids thinking about suicide due to being afraid of showing that they changed something in their way of being... This is sooo damn sad!
Maybe due to my analysis skills, that I developed over the years as a software developer professionally and as an economist academically, I am always analysing my options and fine-tuning my path through life!
I don't care about change. I just care about doing what is right at that moment! I cannot predict the future, I cannot be absolutely certain of knowing everything about any subject, so all my options are always suceptible of being changed in the future... It is OK to change!
I think that most people are still trapped in these old ideas that declared that changing is a lack of integrity or something like that... For me, lack of integrity is to keep doing what is wrong over and over again, just because one is affraid of saying enough!
And as you said, this results in predictability and is the biggest weapon that is being used by corporations and governments around the world to control the masses...

Without a long period of self observation and self study even the upvoters of this post are unable to distinguish an action from a reaction.

I think I get where you're coming from and like that you're trying to not blame individuals. More interessting to discuss what I don't fully agree with though. I'm not sure it's really usefull or true to blame this on human nature as we're a truly adaptable species and if we want to change we should perhaps focus on that?

Rather I believe this is part of our current culture. A problem with though leaders in capitalism needing to follow their "validation gang" to grow or even keep their place.

I'm not going to explain my whole ideology here but just wanted to add that their is similar analyses of this kind, just maybe leaning in another direction for conclusions. I'd recommend looking up Peter Coffin on youtube and if you don't find his reasoning horrible try his book 'Custom reality and you'. Just seems to be adressing the things you you've observed :)

I don't expect you to read something a stranger recommends or even watch his videos. I've just been asking myself similar questions on how to best explain our lack of interest for our own lives etc and adding a probably a pretty different perspective to the mix..

  ·  2년 전

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Valuable advice you've got here! At the end of the day, when one follows your advice, one ends up forming habits based on your advice which leads to what we were trying to avoid in the first place — knee-jerk reactions.

We are creatures of habits — it makes life easier for us, it helps us drive cars without thinking about driving (like it's a second nature), it helps instrumentalists play musical instruments without thinking about it and so on.

As a matter of fact not being predictive already makes one predictive in some sense.

Since history keeps repeating itself because humans keep repeating the same mistakes, we can mitigate this by:

Learning, unlearning and relearning


When I wrote this post... I wondered if a single human being would understand it, or see value in it. I'm impressed! Congratulations. You're very different than the people around you.

At the end of the day, when one follows your advice, one ends up forming habits based on your advice which leads to what we were trying to avoid in the first place — knee-jerk reactions.

This part, I'm not fully understanding though. Are you saying my advice of finding people who are evolving is bad advice?

Learning, unlearning and relearning

Wow. An excellent idea. It's hard to realize -- that is what we can do, and should do...


He is saying that your idea/ advice wont change much. It's not bad but people will be trapped in the same knee-jerk even though they think they're doing something else. Something which they decided.

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Ahhh! Thanks! Now I understand.

Where in the world did Intelliguy go... Hmmmmm....

Hey @PRC! I'm moving my votes over now. Nice to see we're both on Steem in 2019!

I would like to think even with me being slow that I re-evaluate on new information, assuming many do. New information could give you a new perspective or at the very least inform a current perception.

You cover quite a bit with some [insert deep thoughts here] I agree but will state that it is obviously not an either-or thing. I am quite aware of how I make decisions, stick to opinions and will go with the little bit I know over accepting - but it depends.

The last part is what puzzles me a bit and maybe that is just me. I do not care who voted this post I am sure each person has something I could appreciate about them I just do not think I need to be concerned with it unless I have immediate contact with them. Does not stop me from having an opinion about them.

I ... am losing my train of thought.

People are shitty. Opinions evolve - mostly. Depends how much "conviction" and other rubbish words people have. Surprisingly for a "be free" or whatever post the only thing that bugged was using the term "open your mind". Then again I think that depends on how thick the person is.

mmmm.... Ok I have completed my jerk :)

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Great article intelliguy :)
Looking forward for more :)

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yes you're right but on the other side, a lot of people thinking in the more Advanced spectrum of the matrix seeing and looking at others state the Same. Once someone told me that when everybody is thinking and looking bigger, those who do smaller are the once out of the box thinkers. But yes you're right about the human race being doomed mostly, the generation these days aren't intellectually to put in the Same as they belong to by age. But there are generations born with people having Brains and without Brains. :) anyways happy new Year in Advanced mate! good post