Eat with investwarrior #2 : Tavern, Paldiski Estonia

4년 전

Hello everyone now its autumn so its important to eat some warm food and enjoy last days without snow. We visited Tavern in Paldiski town , its small restaurant with some post-ussr museum (books,photos) and some russian/europe food. It was super rainy day so this place helped to take some timeout from rain and enjoy food in relaxing atmosphere.
Prices are around average for soup,beverages and 2 main dish i paid 20 euro . Portions are big , so even without appetizers you will be full. We tried pea soup, Chicken Kiev and pork file .






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The meat and soup looks really good in those photos. The soup especially since fall and cooler weather is approaching. Nothing like a good soup to warn you up from the inside out.

Such a beautiful sight. Holiday things in mind

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