What inspires YOU? What give you goosebumps at the moment?


This theme is my personal question at the moment. There are so many things in Life that touches me - music, people - worldwide happenings - personal events like the birth of a baby - movie-moments when I get tears in my eyes - blogs here on steem about personal stories. I think they make life worth living. What inspires you? there is so much beauty around us, just take a look aroud (the negative things get enough attraction, I Think :) )

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geliebte menschen, vögel die sich frei durch die lüfte schwingen, von eiskristallen bedeckte landschaften, ein vorbeiziehnder fahrkartenautomat, die verspätete bahn, ... . so viele wunderbare dinge und andere bei denen es sich nicht lohnt, sich zu ärgern. ;)