Man and Woman: The lock and the key

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I want to share something beautiful about the role of a man and woman.
This was my friend's post from her insta account

man woman.jpg

I love Fulton Sheen, very wise man and clergy. I agree with the unique and compatible roles of man and women together.

Our physical differences tell a lot of our roles and abilities. A man, strong and wise defends the family and sustains them physically. A woman, graceful and meek nourishes the family with her skills at home and bringing up children with kindness and love. Together they make the nuclear family.

Yes this may sound traditional but our physical and genetic make up point to what purpose we serve. As a woman has softer and rounder more gentle features compared to man, it is created to care for offspring and be the support. The man on the other hand does not wear out easily and is geared for battle or hard work in the fields or in a more strenuous environment.

I think it is so beautiful! Just sharing these thoughts with you!
Hope you like the quote and sharing some good music to listen to!

See You!

keep blogging!

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