Do You Get To Decide Your Destiny? Or Is It Decided For You...

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“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be”
----- Ralph Waldo Emerson

We do not come on this earth with a pre-determined destiny as what others might want us to think. We are the ones who decide the destiny we want and then if we are bold and courageous enough we go out and make it happen.

You see, when you decide to do something it is a conscious decision. It means you have put some thought in it. You have a reason why you have decided that you want one thing and not another. And when you decide you have strong feelings about your decisions.

Each one of us has to make that decision at some point in our lives. And it usually comes with strong conviction if it happens right after we get sick and tired of the life that we have been living and want something better.

So many times we accept a mediocre life because we think that is the best that we can achieve, we never aspire for anything more than an average life, to fit in and be part of the crowd. We never dream further than just having enough to get by.

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But life does not have to be about average, we can decide to have a greater life, a life with a greater impact. We can reject the destiny that society tells us to have and we can decide on the destiny that we want to have.

I decided some time ago that I wanted a better future. I decided that being ordinary was not for me, I wanted to make a larger impact with my life. That living and dying without making an impact was not the legacy that I wanted to leave behind.

And that’s the reason why I am here on steemit. To connect with others, to share my dreams and desires and hopefully to make an impact with the work I do here. To partner with other dreamers and strengthen each other so that together we can make our dreams become a reality.
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We can change the path of our destiny when we decide what we want it to be. Won’t you come along with me and decide to have a more abundant, richer and more impactful future?

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