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Stop wasting your life, find the power within you and have the life you dream.

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“Everything is within your power,
and your power is within you.”

---Janice Trachman

You have the power within yourself to change who you are. We often look to the outside for help when we need to change and that is a good start.

But the ultimate power is within you to make that change happen. We have to learn that when we want to change ourselves we have to do a reset of your mind. We literally have to change who we used to be and become a whole new person.

And this one is not easy. It’s actually the hardest thing you will ever have to do in your life. Because the old you do not want to go and it will put up a serious fight. But if you keep pushing back and never let the old you win, it will be the most rewarding fight of your life.
Because you will come out on the other side a new person, a person who is able to see dreams clearly. A person who now believes in himself. A person who has a made up mind to accomplish his dreams will not allow anything or anyone to stand in his way.

That is why it’s so important to start off with a new belief in yourself. Because once that is established, you will never have to worry about others think. They can laugh, jeer and mock- you have a made up mind and will not stop until you have achieved your goals.

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When you believe in yourself it's like you have this cloak over you as a protective shield. I'm not saying that you will not feel discouraged at times. You will, sometimes the road of changing yourself can be a lonely road. Because most of your family and friends will not support you and will not want to see you succeed. It will show them up so they would rather see you be a failure just like them.

But if you have a made up mind then you will not care. Yes, it will hurt you and make you sad and even depressed but it will not matter that much to make you quit!

Don't fall for the start, get excited, then get discouraged and quit syndrome. Decide to keep going and then make a list of reasons why you will not quit. Then when you feel like quitting take out your list and read it.

Keep believing in your dreams, they are the ONLY thing that is real.

Take some time right now to list the reasons why you cannot quit. Do it now and re-read it often and read it each time you feel like quitting.

Wishing you a #powerful and #amazing day. The power is within you. Use it to change your life.

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Change begins with me ...,@jackie2017 thanks for sharing

You got a 100.00% upvote from @cabbage-dealer courtesy of @jackie2017!

interesting, but your right. Changes one self is hard as hell.

"Because most of your family and friends will not support you and will not want to see you succeed. It will show them up so they would rather see you be a failure just like them."

as for that part, that is definently not the same for all, those are pretty harsh words spoken out in general. That I dont agree with.


Thank you for stopping by and thanks for your comment.Thanks for resteeming my blog. I appreciate it a lot. Thanks for the exposure. I do not wish to be harsh, it's just that I have seen it in my life and so many others that is why I used the word most. But the harsh reality is that is why most people have not seen success because every time they try to succeed their friends and family keep them down. But again I truly appreciate your resteem and upvote.


No biggy :)
Well yes I guess it depends on where you come from, where I come from I would be helped in those cases, but surely if I look at my wife parrents it would be and actually WAS like you wrote, they tried to dragged her down instead of helping.

Gave you a follow as you actually interact with those spending time on your post, thats how its supposed to be, and looking forward to see more of your writing.

keep up your very good work!


Thanks so much for the follow and thanks for the encouraging words. Thanks.

Good motivation words. I admire how you always posting very positive stuff. I salute you! @jackie


Thanks for your kind words. I was the last in the series of post from me, my account was hacked in and my money was stolen. So I am just waiting until the price goes back up and then I am getting off. This place is really a mess. Good luck!!!


thanks be patient is nantik there own path @jackie2017

Nice writeup, i really appreciate it

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Nice post Jackie and couldn't agree more. This is the message that the world needs to hear because most people look for answers externally and have no idea of the true power that lies within.

This is exactly what I have been blogging about for over a year now and will be doing so on Steemit too, so hope you'll drop by :)

Nicely said. I can't agree more, that the old version of self has to go for the new to shine through. It's almost like metamorphosis - the caterpillar becoming the butterfly.

I have everything except the life I dream off

  ·  3년 전

This is really helpful! I feel the same way too. Wow.

Hi Jackie, I'm glad I came across you here in the Steem commUNITY. A powerful post with some great reflections. One of my favorite sayings is "Conscious Awareness" is the only game in town. My page is focused mainly on this topic. Upvoted, following & supporting. 🙏