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Holy Shmackerals!

3 months

I never thought that I'd ever enjoy a long break from work.
I remember the days of pining to go back to work after a couple of weeks.
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Holidays were ok, the first week was detoxing from the stresses &, the second week, was feeling the muscles in my my neck, shoulders & back relaxing. But I always enjoyed working.
I have not missed Full Time work at all.
I have not been bored at all.
Some of the niggles that I was feeling mentally & physically have slowly dissipated - a new routine, thought process & time to change myself.

Company Man

I often referred to myself as a, Company Man, with pride.

I understood the good, and the short comings, of a corporation.
For all of my new staff, I indoctrinated them into these mottos;

  1. Companies are selfish. Any issue that you have, that you think management should care about, you need to bring it up - as a Company focuses on reaching its goals.
  2. Companies don't remember the past good that you do for them. If you have an issue with the Company, you need to bring it up immediately. If you feel unrewarded, want reward, then bring it up.
  3. It is never 1:1. Even when you are rewarded, the company must always win. It will always be 10:1 in the Company's favour.
  4. Without the Company, we wouldn't be here. In all of our own perceived importance & greatness, we wouldn't be here if the Company didn't survive.
    My mantra, my upfrontedness with staff, my efforts were all encompassed to make me efficient, compliant, ethical, creating a sort of "corporate morality" to keep order, justify hierachy, motivation, self autonomy in roles & delight in our day-to-day.

It's not a holiday

I'm busy everyday. My role is now different.
Staying home, looking after domestic duties, my children, working on sustainability, garden, some home improvements, and so on, have me busy everyday, it's not onerous at all, I haven't given myself huge time-based goals to finish a whole list of items.
My days are just doing this & that.

Job Adverts

At some stage, I'll go back to working.
I plan to continue to do some business things; accounting services, supplying products to customers and so on, but I'd like to bring in a consistent amount of money per week.
I want to work near home & with less responsibility. I don't want to be a Company Man anymore.

Looking at some jobverts made me feel a little bit tired when I read some of the responsibilities and work duties.
I used to jump at taking on some of those challenges. But now they just make me cringe.

I've seen a couple of part time roles that are not far from home. The only downside is that they'd like the person to be there everyday - I'm just wanting 3 days.

Anyway, I haven't really focused on it yet.
I'm thinking to look at companies in my area, find some that I'd like to work for, and then approach them.

But that's for later in 2020.

The Pros

Having had to make a life change has been wonderful.
It came at a point where I think my working life would have had caused me medical issues.
My stress that I was experiencing had me not sleeping well & in a routine that, although comforting to an extent, was slowly killing me.
I've taken to get my fitness back up to the levels I expect. So far I'm running 5kms everyday (Well it's mostly running, with some walking in betwee, as jogging gets boring a bit.) Although, head phones, listening to music or pod casts, are awesome. To be active, while stimulating the mind, is fantastic.

My children have responded positively to my being home. I've seen awesome positives with my spending more time with my family.

Yesterday, we had a great debate over why they need to help more with domestic duties. The kids responded very well & we all had a laugh, at my expense, on how I love to get into "lecture" mode.

Need to escape

My only negative, is that I need to escape for a period of time.
I want to goto Coober Pedy, to look for opals, to experience some desert life.
But, it is a fare distance away. It would take me 2.5 days to drive there ( 5 days up and back), then time to spend around the place. I'd also like to spend time at a mountain range on the way.

There is no window of opportunity yet, plus the season is not convenient now.

But we'll see what eventuates. (Images from Google image search)

Keep Well


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Oh I'm with you there. We're taking a year and i will not miss it one bit. There's much better ways to spend one's time. xx Glad you have found LIFE. I too was getting really sick from teh stress. I hear ya.

I know some people feel fulfilled by full time work and for other people it's some means to an end (to some value for means to ends) but I haaaaaaaaaaaate iiiiiiit so muuuuuuuuuch XD

Though having said that it's amusing when people find out what I actually do because usually I tell them I don't do anything because it's both easier and some people literally place absolute zero value on the stuff I do anyway because I'm not getting paid for it.

Good luck finding that perfect job next year :D

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