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Having watched Acrimony (which I strongly think you should ) and having thought about it ,these are my thoughts and I think you should know them.

  1. Take note of the red flags in your relationship; If you watched this great movie with a keen eye and an understanding mind,you'll realise that Melinda was blind all the while . Bob qualifies as a selfish, lazy and indifferent. He was just at the receiving end without any effort to support his woman. Melinda saw these red flags flying with alacrity but chose to allow what she thought she felt(love) override what was staring right at her.

  2. Love yourself first and enough; You see, loving your partner selflessly is great, in fact it is the mist beautiful feeling, selfless love. But then,before you met this person, you've long first met and lived with yourself all your life. Love yourself first and enough not to allow anyone use you.Your partner's love is supposed to energize you, not drain you. she didn't love herself enough because she thought she wasn't enough. She practically invested on Bob more than she did on herself. She slaved for this guy. Isn't that crazy?

  3. Move on: When you find yourself in a relationship that begins to look like a situationship, try as much as you can to fix the cracks. If it isn't working, let it go and MOVE ON. Melinda Refused to let Bob go even when it was clear he had moved on within such a short time.

  4. Don't love to take advantage, love to share advantages.

  5. A relationship that isolates you from people isn't a relationship to be in.

  6. Know your health status and seek for medical attention if need be.

  7. Do not be an ASSHOLE: Yes! You read me. How can you sit back and keep receiving all the love care and support without reciprocating? Get your ass up and show that person just how much you claim to love him/her. Don't just be a receiver , be a giver; a giver of love,peace,care,support and good vibes.

    Having enlisted these, shall we now have a Conversation?
    Considering the realism of this movie,Which i bet we can relate to as it comes to play in our contemporary society,what are your thoughts?

what's your perception about these two significant characters?
Did you learn anything? Share please. >What are the red flags you obviously can't condone in a relationship?
You can also share your experiences. Have you ever been in a toxic relationship? How did you handle it? Lets have this conversation ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜˜

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