Anatomy of a Smile



Human beings share the ability to raise the corners of their mouths
in a reflection of amusement, a facial expression indicating pleasure.
But, are we genuine? Are we sincere when we curl our lips upwards?
Bona fide smiles can be so difficult to produce, yet not as easily faked.

At times, life can rob us of this most pleasurable conduit of sheer joy.
Still, we feign, we pretend, we fake and bluff, we simulate happiness...
All for what gain? We each accept that smiles can be a ridiculous façade,
how does our discourse benefit when we are dancing 'round the truth?

Some smile with an ease of candor, while others try to force it from within.
Myself? I wear a genuine smile that is really just a crooked, half-assed grin.
Pretensions hold us captive, we inevitably cave, capitulate to societal pressure.
I strongly object! Henceforth, let us take back the very essence of our own bliss.

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in simple words you deserve best place in this community... @jajafresh best of luck