(I am Islam) Between LOVE and LUST

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1. Love is happy, Lust is Harmful

True love always shows the way or direction to happiness for the people who live it. A lover who has met and understands the true meaning of love in him will be in a happy state.

Conversely, people who are deceived by lust and lust are love will be in a dangerous situation. We must not rule out that where there is good, that is where shaitan is tempting people to fall into evil and sin.

A person who loves his partner with true love will make his relationship to true happiness by keeping and loving his partner.

Without rendering and harming, and taking him away from disobedience. Conversely, people who are in a relationship with the foundations of lust, they will bring their relationship towards false happiness and only physical-oriented, in this case is sex.

2. Love for us laugh, Lust for us Disappointed

If likened to a relationship like rice fields, then love is rice and lust is weeds. When someone plants rice (love) in the rice field (relationship) then it will automatically grow also weed (lust).

If the person already knows and understands what is rice (what is love), then he will immediately prune the weeds (lust) that grow in his rice field (relationship).

When it comes to harvest time, this person will reap the harvest (relationship) that planted rice (love) that was in the form of rice (happiness).

Others also with the deceived people who think weed (lust) as rice (love). They will nourish the weeds (lust) and the crops (love) will die.

In the harvest season, of course all they get is a sack of unwashed weed (lust) (disappointment).

3. Love always wants to give, Lust just wants to be Given

I think the point of this third point is clear. Love is giving. When a person establishes a relationship on the basis of love then the first thing he does is give the best to his partner, not want to be given.

Logically, if we and our partner both want to give (we want to give to couples and couples want to give to us) automatically will both receive.

But if we and the couple want to be given (the couple want to be given and we also want to be given) then who will give ..? In the end what happens is nothing will be given because no one wants to give.

4. Love wants to love, Lust wants to Destroy

How do we treat our spouse? How do we see our spouse?

This is the easiest way to distinguish where love, where lust - The way a person in a relationship will determine how the person treats his partner.

People who have a relationship with the foundation of love will always treat their partner in a good way. Keeping, caring, caring and always giving the best. They have the ideals for the direction of berkhitbah (proposal) and so on to speed up the household process.

Conversely people who are in a relationship because of lust tend to treat the couple toward the physical form. Every time he sees the two wants to be hugged and hugged and worse when it comes to unlawful sex.

5. The best love, the Reverse Lust

Love always strives to be the best, trying to give the best for the couple. What about lust? On the contrary, lust always wants to be given and tend to treat the couple in a misleading and sinful way.

If lust is stronger than love in our souls, then Islam has provided the best solution for marriage. So that we, our spouse and our descendants are awake


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