Ten of the Best Companies for Working From Home (P 1)

2년 전


Work from home is one of the most desirable advantages and not a miracle. If you could avoid a morning trip, spend more time with your family and friends and work in pyjamas, right? But even though most people want to work remotely, many of them just do not know where to start.

If you feel comfortable, this will give you a report on FlexJobs likely to interest you. It describes in detail the best companies with remote jobs in 2018. Learn more below and apply until positions are available!


Open Remote Jobs: Online English Teacher

What They Do: "VIPKid is the world's leading online education provider for K12 and Remote Employment Company # 1. We've created a live, live online learning platform that combines motivated kids who learn Chinese with inspirational teachers."

What do the employees say: "VIPKID pays between $ 14 and $ 22 per hour, plus incentive payments in a few months, most of the kids are fun and well behave, creating your schedule and doing as little or as you want. Review and plan how you want to teach the equipment and accessories you want to use. "- English as a Second Language Teacher

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