Home! And Birthday weekend fun... 9-22-2019

3개월 전

Finally home from Racine, WI! After 18 days of a very messy startup, I am happy to be home again. This post is a mish-mash of stuff from the last dew days...
The orange cat statue with gnomes on it was my Birthday present from @lordvdr this year. I think it is a fun addition to our sun room.

Twice last week I had Third Space beer. They are a Milwaukee brewery and make good stuff.
There was a Scottish Ale called Unite the Clans-
And the bar at the airport had their seasonal beer whose name I did not get-

Then on Friday we went out to dinner with friends for my Birthday and I enjoyed a Dirty Girl- Bourbon Cream liqueur and Root Beer- tastes like a rootbeer float, but life was so much better after 3 of them...

We spent Saturday at the Farmers market picking up goodies and getting rained on. Then headed home to re-place the old cat box setup with a new one. The old setup was fine but after a few years the boxes we modified to use as litter boxes need thrown out as they accumulate a smell... first step was to clean out the entire corner, vacuum up any scattered litter, and cut doors into the storage boxes. Then I put a tarp into place and duct-taped it to the wall and shelves. This keeps Tiger from scratching up the walls as he likes to mark his territory after pooping. He doesn't scratch on the tarp so we put it up the walls pretty high. Weird cat...
This seems to be the best way we have come up with to manage 3 cats and their associated litter boxes and mess. They love the room these boxes give them and it is easier to manage them for us as well.

Kimba and Tiger exhausted themselves supervising my work on their corner...

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