Celebrating 1000 Followers and Reputation 58..Tips For Steemit Success and Suprise Giveaway

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I am excited to be celebrating this milestone of 1k followers and Reputation 58
This achievement deserves celebration since its kinda hard to reach this high on Steemit!
The hardest part is raising your reputation on Steemit.

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Let me explain what reputation is for the new people on Steemit.

What is Steemit Reputation?

Let me quote from the Steemit welcome page that we need to read often to find answers to our questions.The link is here so that you read it again.

A reputation score is one way Steemit measures the amount of value you have brought to the community.

The higher the number, the more weighted votes an account has earned.

All new users start at 25.

Your reputation will go up as you earn upvotes for your posts and comments, but it can come down if they are flagged.

Reputation is that figure you see next to your username(as my case,its 58).

As you can read above,it grows as you receive more upvotes from the Steemit community.You should be knowing by now that to get an upvote for great content and you also get a downvote for bad or plagiarized content!.

As you start out on Steemit,each new user has a reputation of 25 and it grows with the increasing value you bring to Steemit.

It should be noted that growing from 25 to roughly 37 is easy.Also from 37 to 45 becomes hard.It becomes more harder as you climb the reputation score!

It is at this point that i have to celebrate having a reputation of 58 as it was extremely hard to move it from 57 to 58...so you have to congratulate me heheheh!!! I have brought some value to Steemit so far.

As a new person strive to grow your reputation to at least 45 as people will trust you!

How i Got 1000 Followers and Advice To Replicate it for Yourself.

If you read the above explanation of reputation,you should see that it grows with the value you bring to Steemit!

I am always asked of how to get followers on Steemit or do i have to send friend requests like Facebook by the people i bring to Steemit.

If you have had similar questions regarding followers,relax and read on.

I want to tell you from the word go that we do not send friend requests here,but we create relationships with other people who later become our friends(which some of you prefer to call followers!).

The main way i got followers is by writing great posts and also leaving good comments on other people's posts.I cannot stress enough thr importance of commenting.

If you are new and old on Steemit,nothing beats thoughtful commenting.I keep telling and reminding all the people i bring to Steemit.

If you do not know how to comment or this whole commenting thing,i wrote 2 great posts a month ago which i would love you to check out now for your own benefit.

Please do not upvote them as it is a waste of your vote,instead vote on my last posts which i will include at the end of this post.
The commenting posts are here below.
4 Must know Reasons Why All Newbies Should Comment
4 Kickass Ways of Commenting on Steemit

I repeat if you are new,learn how to comment.

I take this opportunity to thank the Steemit community for the love shown to me in my time so far on Steemit.

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I have a suprise for you guys,i will give some SBDS to the best commenters today!

If you liked this post,please upvote and resteem.

That's me below if you do not know how i look like hahaha.

Jarau Moses

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I also celebrated 1000 followers yesterday! Congrats, Jarau!


Nice gif hahaha


Thanks .you really inspire us as Ugandans.

I love your teaching posts of how to help new steemians grow their reputation and earn more.
It's just amazing hitting 1000 followers.
I shall flood all steem posts with comments.

Thank God for your 1000 followers.
You will grow more

One machine can do the work of many ordinary man, but no machine can do the work of one extraordinary man like you.
I can remember vividly when I was at the edge of giving up on steemit, you called me, texted me and gave me some reasons never to give up.
Your words and encouragement has brought me this far on steemit which I will forever be grateful.
To a person who inspires me to excel on steemit congratulations!
This is really a new exciting chapter of your life.
Congratulations once again on your reputation and 1000 followers..

Jaraumoses, as i read this post, it seems like it was ment for me . I have benefited alot as i kep on reading bak ad forth. I feel I need to put my heels onto the commenting bit of it for improvement purposes.

And the reputation part, thanks for the info, atleast have cleared my mind

Congrats on 1000 followers and a great reputation. I'm pretty new to SteemIt so your advice is very helpful, and I hope to get up there soon. I'll definitely check out your other posts too, thanks for the advice!!

Great achievement - you're an inspiration to your local Steemians and have been publishing quality posts. It's great to celebrate and now you can look forward and set your next milestone - whether that be 1,500 followers or a step up in reputation or SteemPower. You do some great promo-steem work which is the tag I think we probably met through. Keep tagging in promo-steem when you are spreading great news about Steem and Steemit. You have demonstrated great initiative. Very Well Done.

To join in your little competition/giveaway I wanted to tell you a funny story about initiative so you can be inspired for your next step on the ladder...... so the situation is being out late at night about three miles from home perhaps 1am..... you have the last few dollars and no bank cards or in my case I had £6 pounds in my pocket and that was it ....you are hungry after a few drinks but you need to get home too..... you have a choice get a taxi for £5 or a pizza for £5 and then walk home (which is uphill)...... so I do like a pizza... ..the weather is not great ...... what do I do ....what a dilemma.......and then light bulb moment............. I stood outside the pizza shop and telephone for a pizza delivery, the thing was you get free takeaway delivery within a five mile radius!! and so when I could see the pizza was ready and the driver was going to deliver.... I asked if I could be delivered along with the pizza. Problem Solved! I got home with a pizza.

And the moral of the story ...when you show initiative you can get something for nothing!!

Leaving this comment for a shot at the giveaway, I'm working on a game project of mine nonstop, and every little bit counts toward how long I can keep doing so

Congratulations @jaraumoses. Its a milestone indeed worth of celebration.

When i grow up, i want to be like you as in writing good comments and great posts and even exceed your achievements ..hehe..Doing extraordinary things is the great key of success here.

Thanks for sharing!

Wow, I looking foward to achieving that in the shortest time posible.

Congs bro

congratulation..keep it up..with great community

Nice post
Help me
Please vote and flbck me

Congratulations @ jaraumoses
Excellent milestone...
Btw any sbd/steem give away on this occassion? 😄

This is super, Jarau, I am so happy for you!

Congrats man i recently also got 1k followers it is amazing! We steemians need to help eachother out!

Congrats pal!! Thnx for the tips....i sure do hv a long way to go..

Congrats bro its the fruit of your hardwork...more followers to come and greater reputation