Vida de Vannah Ep. 10: Goats & Glaciers [3-min vanlife webseries] A must watch for anyone interested in Vanlife!

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Who We Are

We're a couple (Jared & Anissa) of U.T. graduates who took our degrees and hit the road in our 1991 Volkswagen Vanagon, lovingly named Vannah Montana. We've been on the road for about a year with a 4 month break to re-up the money supply. We're currently in Cleveland, Ohio headed east.

Vida de Vannah

What's Vida de Vannah? It's a short weekly webseries about our life on the road. We keep the videos short to fit our attention spans (and probably yours too). Tune in each week to catch the next episode! It's a must watch for all those interested in vanlife to see what you're missing and why you should try out the lifestyle for yourselves, soon rather than later.

In This Episode

In this episode we explore Glacier National Park, get taken in by a heard of wild goats, and Apple gets romantically involved with a squirrel.

Vida de Vannah Ep. 10: Goats & Glaciers

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