Vida de Vannah Ep. 8: If You Give a Mouse a Van [3-min Webseries about VANLIFE] MUST WATCH!

4년 전

Who are we?

We are a couple (Jared and Anissa) living life on the road with our dog in a 1991 Volkswagen Vanagon Westy named Vannah Montana. We left from Austin, Texas and are currently in Chicago, Illinois.

Vida de Vannah

We started a weekly webseries to document our travels and to give people a feel for what vanlife is really like. In this episode a mouse calls Vannah home, a snake wiggles through our camp, and Kenny dies.

Vida de Vannah Ep. 8: If You Give a Mouse a Van

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If you want to learn more about vanlife, follow us! We will be posting about how we make money on the road, bring you roadhacks, and, of course, have lots of photos and videos to share :)



Youtube: Escaping the Maytricks

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You remind me one of my friend who has been with his friends van in Morocco for almost 7 months with a budget of $ 100 a month. Good luck and you have my upvote... I have one question, how you start it?