Cute and Beautiful, Women's Army So New Military Icon of South Korea

4년 전

imageThe military world in most countries today is still predominantly male. The number of women interested in a career in the military may still be counted on the fingers of each country. However, this South Korean woman chose to enter the military world as her job.
Cho Hanbyul is now a new icon of South Korean military. As is known, Korea has a system that requires the youth to follow military activities for approximately two years. To attract the attention of the registrants, Hanbyul was designated an icon and mascot in South Korean military campaign PR.

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Well, Cho Hanbyul is absolutely beautiful and I commend her work on going into the military.
Many people say the military is a 'mans job' but women can be as equally as good at it, if not better.

Very I spirational post - I hope the heat on the Korean peninsula cools down.

Sending love to korea