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You know i actually thought writing a blog on steemit was gonna make me a millionaire, lmao! what a dreamer i was
but for real though I actually thought putting a few posts up will immediately start fetching me $$
begs the on earth do y'all get all these upvotes and comments on your posts and ultimately getting all that dough? someone please let me in on that cause this isn't funny like for real, my #introduceyourself post was the only post that gave me a sense of importance here lol, i got like $3.
Which led me to believe that it's gonna be like that every time i post, but boy was i wrong.

What i'm i doing wrong you guys?
someone pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeee help metired-lady.jpg

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Welcome to Steem @jaycidiq I have upvoted and sent you a tip

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Welcome. I pray things turn around for you. Good luck!

Firstly - I think, that we may have to stop trying to earn money here, and start be ourselves and let the true be our guide. I was thinking like you at the start (more than one week ago), but searched some net and it changed. I have also many questions and looking for answers, so we may go to steemit blog chat and talk. Let me know if you want to exchange experiences on Steemit. My advice is - grow (engage with people with good posts), put nice posts of your own production, maybe engage in a self support group (I am looking for one myself) and you will see the results, first after 1 week, and more after let's say a year. For now - maybe try this - it gave me few answers :

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