Why You should Smile Regardless

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Stop doing things because you want to hear that "wow thats a good job" comment!from people who genuinely don't really don't care!

Your life is worth more than what people say or think.
looking for validation from other people outside of your self shows that you have low self esteem, and if you do, then thats a problem.

You gotta get rid of that ASAP, well that's if you want to move forward in life.

Imagine This
Imagine all the great people in the world, all the engineers, inventors, creators etc.
You think they didn't encounter situations where someone doubted or disbelieved them or
their thoughts or dreams and ideas/solutions?! ofcourse not!
Not everyone is gonna approve of your idea or dream or decision especially when it involves you moving forward
if they(inventors) gave up cause someone said their idea was stupid. you probably wouldn't be reading this post right now,
cause you wouldnt have electricity internet or computer to do so! they fought! and conquered. And here we are


happy baby.jpeg
you don't need that kind of negativity trust me.
Here is a little illustration for you to consider
Picture this amazing reality,
it takes just one sperm to fertilize a woman's egg. Keep in mind, though, for each sperm that reaches the egg, there are millions that don't.
Guess what???
on average, each time a man ejaculates...he releases nearly 100 million sperm.
what does that tell you?
You were born a rockstar and a fighter and finisher all at once.


You are that one sperm, you faught and made it happen...without nobody's approval.
So why do you need approval or validation now, its just stupid ain't it?, doesn't just make sense!
you don't need nobody to make you feel good
the real truth is; all the happiness you will ever need is inside you, its not in things you have or don't have, its not in other
people, its not tied to any place, space or entity. its not in any cousine, it's not in nobody!!!!
You are obligated to make You happy. Period
you are responsible for your happiness. there's alot of people struggling with doing things for them selves that involves other people validating or approving it
Well that's just ridiculous!
You are going to hurt really bad baby if you continue like that, so look inwards. its in you!

Have Smiling Sessions

gotta smile regardless

Have times when you just sit and smile cause you are alive and life is wonderful just because you are in it!
This, my friend may sound crazy, well thats cause it is crazy but trust me, you are going to want to try this, why? because you really
need to engulf yourself in yourself. YES!!! you need that. you need to let your self know that you got the stuff you are a rock star all by yourself
so yes have smiling sessions(times when you smile because you are amazing, look at photos of you and be happy), you don't neccesary need a Kevin Hart( I love this guy though)
or any comedian to tell a joke before you smile or laugh or even be happy. just smile!!! take a mirrior look at your self and smile
because you rock!
this will increase your level of confidence and self esteem, like it did for me few years back! this right here is the antidote, make yourself happy
without anybody's aid. If you can do this, then it's gonna graduate to making decisions without needing validation from anybody!

I love you all.

keep smiling, keep rocking!!!

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But if you keep smiling or putting a smiling face will people take you for granted? When do you get serious?


hey @kachtales thanks for reading! smiling is a universal and highly contagious language. smiling doesn't necessarily mean you are an unserious person NO!! with that being said, there are times when you shouldn't smile and you should know that, example, when there is a serious matter and on ground, but bear in mind that not smiling doesn't always mean you are not happy. be happy and smile to for yourself. but also handle issues when they arise...and REPEAT !!!


Thanks....I like the "and REPEAT"