Is there any beauty left in Flint, Michigan

3년 전

Hi guys,

Last night I was watching the national news and there was a little blip about some violence in Flint Michigan. It just so happens Flint is about 15 miles north of me and is the closest mid-sized City. I grew up here and spent a lot of time in Flint over the years. My wife's family owns a welding supply company that's been there since 1938. I have to say over the years Flint has provided me and my family a lot of good things. However, if I'm traveling or talking to people online from around the world I find that many are familiar with Flint but it's always because of something negative (violence, Drug abuse, General Motors factory closings, and the latest lead in the water).

This morning I went outside to shovel the walk, we had gotten about 4 inches of snow overnight I paused to look around and it kind of dawned on me that this is a really beautiful place and maybe I should share some good things about this area to people around the world. I took my phone out and made the video that you see above. From time to time I think I will provide some content about the good things that happen here and around Flint. I hope you enjoy this little snippet of video that I'm providing and maybe it will give you a little lift for the rest of your day. Thank you for being here and making the world a better place.


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Look at the full half.
At least you are not in Europe.

Seeing everything turned to white is for sure a lovely feeling. Its an eye catcher and for sure snow is the nature best art.

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when there is snow ,there is peace
there is nothing more beautiful than snow

I'd say that Michigan itself is a beauty!!
So after a blanket of snow covers it's surface it becomes more beautiful then before!!
So yes there's still a lot of beauty left in this beautiful place!!!

This place is looking like is completely covered with gosh the white is looking damn beautiful....lovely video

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I can never get to tired of the snow. It is an awesome feeling when it snows.
Thanks for sharing

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