We Are All Massively Brainwashed... Here Are My Top Three Ways To Deprogram Yourself

4년 전

Most of us don't consider ourselves to be brainwashed or programmed. Most people think they are in complete control of their thoughts and actions.

The truth is, though, that most people are almost completely programmed robots. And yes, that probably includes you and it includes me.

From even before we are born we are inundated with programming. How to react to this. What to do when that happens.

What we like to eat. What smells we like or don't like. Everything. It is all the result of our past experiences and many of them are programmed by our cult(ure).

In today's "walk n' talk", I try taking a different tack with my disobedient anarchist dogs and get approximately the same result as always.

And I discuss how I continue to realize just how programmed I have been and I give my top 3 ways that I have begun to deprogram myself.

You can see it here:

Once you begin to deprogram yourself and actually, consciously have thoughts and take conscious action it is an incredibly freeing experience. It is, in fact, like living a completely separate, new life... one in which you are much more in control of your reality.

Most of us have been having the ship steer us our whole lives. You'll be amazed how much better life is when you are actually steering the ship.

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I couldn't agree anymore with this post Jeff! I started deprogramming myself through the process of daily meditation for an hour a day, every morning. And I am proud to say that 8 years of doing this daily is 99.9% responsible for knowing Who I Am today and the very all-around selective lifestyle that I live as it pertains to my interaction with all sorts of nouns lol. If anyone is interested on starting the same practice, I highly recommend researching Bill Harris of CenterPointe.. Great folks over there! Great post and I hope your influence is enough to send a few more Steemians on this journey of rediscovering your true self and living a MUCH BETTER and at-peace life as a result. I do warn you, the process can be a bit up and down emotionally because its never fun to find out for the first time that one is 100% responsible for the things one attracts into one's life.. It's a shocking and hard pill to swallow at first but once you do, true liberation shows up almost immediately after that acceptance stage. Resteemed!


Hi The Grateful, Can you explain this: "one is 100% responsible for the things one attracts into one's life"?


Hi @ugetfunded. It's an experiential truth. Meaning that one would have to experience this truth in order to fully know it but I will attempt to put it in words. The simple version of this comes down to the true creative force in one's life --- one's inner self-talking or dialogue. We all do it all day long, everyday. Actually doing it now.

This can be in auditory form (literally speaking to yourself or others in your head and hearing it in your head) like replaying an argument with one's significant other or friend after the argument has been had. Some people are more visual and see stuff in their mind and see it over and over. And some people are more into touch like feeling a friend hug them and say "congratulations on your new job" or get pushed by someone while hearing them screaming "get this crypto nonsense talk out of my face."

These inner conversations that we have with ourselves carry varying degrees of intensity, repetition and authority ( these are the three most effective ways to send an accepted message to your subconscious mind, which does all of the heavy lifting of creating and sustaining your being).

The other side to this "creation cycle" (for lack of better words) is that your mind doesn't just listen to the messages that you code into it, but it is also easily coded by "external" or third party entities like influential individuals like Jeff Berwick, Warren Buffet, Michael Jordan, The Pope, etc; institutions like government, church, and long standing traditions like institute of marriage; and any other third party idea, person or school of thought that you subscribe and Believe the ideas that they present to you about yourself (what you can/cannot achieve, deserve, etc); the world ("money is the root of all evil"); and other people ("people are so selfish and never want to help when you need them"). Now, there's nothing wrong or right about anything that I've said so far or anyone/thing I've mentioned so far. The issue at hand, and what Jeff is speaking to is this:

Because our minds are literally bombarded by thousands of different types of messaging from personal/family demands to social media, to advertisements on tv and billboards on the highway on one's drive home, and to radio -- our minds become too noisy and makes it very difficult for one to hear or notice the Unproductive imaginative activities that we participate in within our mind. And for some reason that's unknown to humanity (other than we know that it works) these self-generating and self-executing (I use the word 'self' because this is one thing in life one cannot blame or point the finger at another for doing) imaginative activities that we engage in within our minds advance into our future and faces us at an unknown but guaranteed time.

And when these mental activities catch up to us in the future, we blame/credit others or whoever was used as a part of manifesting one's own creation that one forgot about (because of passing of time) when it confronts them in the future.

From my experience after 8 plus years of daily meditating is that meditation does not make you some sort of enlightenment guru. I think that the enlightenment in the whole process is found in one being able to use meditation to slow down their mind enough to be able to gain more awareness or actually SEE one's imaginative activity (in the NOW -- where all creation happens) and then use that awareness to simply CHOOSE ('free-will') a different state of mind that's congruent with the kind of experiences or lifestyle that one wants out of life. And one will be pleasantly surprised to see that the Universe does not discriminate and will gladly hand one whatever experiences of life that one CHOOSES through their imaginative activity or one's feelings/moods (whether good, bad, or indifferent)...

Some people ask for proof or evidence of this and I tell them the same thing each time: Look at your current life right now. Is it consistent with most things you claim to want? They usually say "no but..." and I follow up with this question: "Can you please name one thing in existence that was not first imagined?"

And then I finish with this: Take 10 minutes to relax and try to take an honest inventory of one's most recent thoughts... especially the subtle ones dating back to 7 days ago and then take another inventory of your most recent experiences ... the direct correlation is all over that list ... if one is being honest to self.

For anyone wondering, a real world example of a subtle thought or shift in consciousness is this "Hmmm, I wonder how Jerry and his wife are making out with their new marriage..." And then (sometimes within a few minutes or hours or days) Jerry calls one to catch up with an old buddy and the two go on to discuss Jerry's newly wed life.

I hope this was helpful in shedding some light on the experience and if anyone else here has anything else to contribute, please do. As I stated in the beginning, it is an experiential truth. Meaning that one probably won't fully grasp it or be able to stand on it as firmly as I do, until you've undergone the process (with the help of meditation) and received one's own evidence of what I just attempted to speak on with words... Many blessings to you


You cover it beautifully, meditation has been a great addition to my life and I only wish I had learned to meditate at an early age instead of when I got old!


Thank you @fractalizer! Remember that 'old' is also a state of mind and meets us down the road! ;-) ... And it is NEVER too late to start meditating, very happy to hear you've committed to it ... Keep at it!


Thanks very much @ebothegrateful, I agree, never too late and I refer to numbers not state of mind, Lol!
You might be interested in my new book, a Gratitude Journal for daily recording of your gratitude.


Have you already created this book? If not, please do it today! .... Gratitude is literally a pot of gold for those willing to open it and take some wealth out of it and not feel dirty or like you're stealing because the Universe wants you to take as much from that pot as you can, hahaha! Please let me know if/when you release the Gratitude Journal :-)


Yes I have, just been getting some friends to give it a test drive to see what needs to be added or taken away. Interested in giving me a review before I put it online for sale?

I have used my artwork for the page textures too.


Great comment!


Thank you @igster .. Thanks for taking the time to read it!


Welcome change for the flood of comments that just feel like fishing for upvotes. Because of your comment I'll investigate this thing through.


And THAT decision you just made is the exact same reason why I invest the time and energy to write my comments. See I didn't come on Steem to get rich, as I am already financially prospered with or without Steem or blockchain technology. I've literally carried so many ideas, thoughts and experiences in my head for too many years -- not feeling comfortable enough on anyone platform to share it there... And then I found out about Steemit and the rest has been history. I was initially nervous that people here would think "talk too much" but it's been quite a pleasant surprise to see that this community not appreciates my passion for sharing in detail (so people can get the real juice in things) but it is highly recommended on Steemit. And I find that this is the biggest reason why I felt like I "fit in or belong" on Steemit. Please let me know if you come across any questions during your research. I'm always happy to contribute however I can.


I believe he is referring both what we take into our body on a physical level as well as the idea that our thoughts and beliefs effect our reality. It is through the advancement of certain technologies, and epigenetics which has created a scientific platform of understanding for what was previously only seen as a spiritual concept. I'll elaborate further if there is interest, but I will also be posting in regards to these concepts in the near future.


Looking forward to reading your blog posts on the topic @freedomrevival .. Thanks for commenting!

YES! from my experience the only way out is to deprogram all the words that have been embedded in your consciousness as mistaken absolutes that take power over you unconsciously. We have to retrieve the words that are low vibrational and break the belief in them, create the spells, and turning them back to the five elements.


Well said, I've been working on the reprogramming :)

I think sometimes I realize all the brainwashing going on and then I just stop being aware of it and keep going on with life . I'm at a point right now that I'm trying to change my ways of life this definitely helps and I'm going to start noticing more things. In glad I stumbled on you post. And your dogs .. omg i want to pet them lol quiero ser como Jerry!

I just watched "What the Health" on netflix. Sigh. Guess I'll be trying out the veggie way now. Let's see how I feel two weeks in.

Great post.. I was writing about this just the other week. If we ONLY knew how bad it is then maybe we might wake up! Here's something I feel that may shed some light on the situation:

I was in university in 1992 – 1996. One thing that sticks in my mind about that experience was a hypnotist show I saw. You’d think I'd remember more strongly something to do with studying, but no. This was one of the biggest lessons I think I could have taken with me from that experience. Now let’s be clear, there is no debate that hypnotists are able to do what they do, because it works. They are not playing tricks on us, using stooges, or prearranging anything. What this guy did on stage in front of our very eyes was quite revealing and disturbing. If you haven’t seen this on stage, then you may have seen it on TV where it is equally or even more disturbing. The ability of someone to utterly ruin someone’s perception of truth or reality is something not to miss! In the time it takes to make a cup of tea, we have someone seeing black as white, quite literally. We have an intelligent and sane person declaring that 2+2 =5 right there in front of our eyes. And what did it take to achieve that? Just a few suggestions and a prod. Now, take this knowledge, and think about a 24/7 barrage of ‘hypnotic’ suggestions coming in from all directions, from every angle. Think about the quality and quantity of messages we receive just from our media alone. How do we stand a chance? How can we expect anyone to overcome this total hypnotic reality? Well some do, and they go insane. Others do and they go religious, and some others do and go to sleep. Interestingly, that is the first and easiest thing for a hypnotist to do, to put you to sleep.


Very interesting what you say here!


That makes total sense! Great example.. Thanks for the post!


That's interesting empirical evidence you have of how suggestible we can be. Hypnotism has always fascinated me, but have never taken the time to deeply look into it. I may be wrong, but I haven't heard about someone having a response of significant influence from a hypnosis video before. I do know however, that hypnosis puts you into a theta wave state, in which you are subject to much more influence then when you are when in an alpha wave state (which TV induces). However, with the excessive exposure that many people have to TV today, with addition to the other tricks used in conjunction with the alpha state, It's effect over time can be quite substantial. As for kids below the age of 7, they are particularly vulnerable to TV programming as during this time they are in a theta state. They are basically in a state of hypnosis during this time while being exposed to TV brainwashing via (media/tv shows/movies). I personally think it would be more disturbing seeing hypnosis done in person, as just like you I saw a performance at my university in which I saw it done to my fellow students. I feel that at least for that time in my life, I would have been skeptical as to the validity of what I had seen if I had merely just seen it on TV, in which can be easily be fabricated.

This is really amazing and i am grateful you decided to share this with the whole community. It is true that we have been geared towards many things in life that we do not want but because we have done it for years, we find it difficult to dettach ourselves from these things. Im looking forward to more of these amazing posts from you.

It is easy to be trapped in a narrow mindset, those who break out of it and follow their own path, work hard and are passionate are usually the ones that change the world.

Jerry loco


good stuff!

Stop trying to brainwash me into thinking that I'm brainwashed.


Lol, it is true that knowing about some of this stuff could strengthen your belief in it's effect. It can either empower you or dis-empower you, the trick is to not just simply know of it, but to actually understand how it works. However, even if understood, exposure to many of the brainwashing methods should be reduced if not cut out entirely. Regardless of understanding, the alpha waves emitted by TV puts us in an unfocused and suggestible state, where we are often exposed to emotional scenarios coupled with a concept or idea they wish to implant. An emotional event + associated thoughts/beliefs strengthens the created memory , leading to it being more likely used as a point of reference when addressing relative issues in the future.

Ive been on the mucusless diet for a year. Right now im just drinking a smoothie in the afternoon then eating a big salad from my garden and some more wild fruit i pick daily at night. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are a hoax. you only need to eat once a day. Everyone told me to not do this and i feel better than ever before and im feeling better each day :)


I agree that for me was the best lifestyle


I don't know why people hate this so much, but I really think it's the best way for me to eat. It's less limiting as to what you can eat, and you save time by not spending so much of your day on meal prep! Every time I mention it though somebody parrots "you should eat 5 or 6 small meals per day!" even though those people never follow this advice themselves.

I am sure living outside the United States helps with deprogramming. ;)


Basically have to live in the Third World areas, but I get your point! :D


You got this!! thx.. ! :D




I left the US about 34 yrs. ago and live in UK, but the programming here is almost as bad.
The worst of it is TV and radio.
It reinforces everything we have already been programmed with up till now!
You have to make a conscious effort to deprogram yourself.


total programming ...


Cool! You got it!

@jeffberwick What a great article. I totally get where you are coming from. I wrote an article about human programming a few weeks back. It definitely reinforces a lot of what you observed. It's a quick read and I think that you will really enjoy it.

  • Most people are brainwashed and programmed slaves.
  • Employee/Worker is another word for Slave
  • schFool indoctrination camps teach us shit about the food chart and lie's about Milk, Meat, Grains, Everything.
  • The pharma companie make more money keeping the population sick by controlling the food.
  • FDA joke!

Bernays was extremely successful in laying down the framework for the modern mind controlled, media manipulated slave.

Him and others like him speak openly about controlling the masses through the "unseen mechanism" which most will be to diluted to ever break free from.


I hope cryptocurrencies are not brainwashing us ☺


ALL social media is.. When engaged in it heavily it weakens us spiritually , and leaves many in a constant state of uncertainty or fear of judgement. The "Variable Reward System" these sites use has the same addictive properties of gambling on slot machines.

  ·  4년 전

I'm afraid the anarchist movement needs it's own righteous brainwashing organisation, because those who are already brainwashed need something to forcefully change their thinking for the better.
We got to herd the sheep, but in a good way.

thank you Jeff for all the info and for all that you do

If you don't know what "they" believe, then how can you say it is Satanic? Satanism in the form you are referencing never existed except as a scare tactic created by the church. Satanism in its true form has nothing to do with the Christian idea of Satan.


I've always thought patents were a bad idea...Holy shit though! I hadn't put patents into that perspective before, forcing people to use your product. Wow.

Congratulations on becoming healthier by moving to raw vegan diet eating mostly fruits. I highly agree that the diet is the main influencing factor with disease within the American society. However, I disagree that everybody needs to be on the raw vegan diet. Your genetic background, what your ancestors ate all through time, is the main contributing factor to how an individual's diet is determined. Then there are also disorders which determine what the diet must require.

Myself, having fibromyalgia, diet is extremely extremely extremely important. I went on a 100% vegetarian diet for several months and became very ill. I found that animal fats help to heal my intestines and help me to digest food more properly. I try not to eat more than one serving of meat a day though, sometimes I eat no meat in a day. I know I do not need much, so I'm certain to limit myself because I also know that too much of it can be quite harmful.

Every time I get really good...like I've been proved so much the past few months...I don't have to do this stuff all the time now I'm much better...

Meditation is not one of those things that you just get better at and get to stop practicing, lol. There are many things that can work for, but certainly not meditation.

Psychedelics saved me from my mind in ways I can't even explain but I'm sure you already understand. I've been so pleased to see the studies being sanctioned on psychedelics in the public eye so that the general populace may rise through the programming of their fear of these beautiful wonderful medicines.

Great advice, @jeffberwick, thank you for putting this together for our community!

You 're correct sir! We are products of our environments. Association breeds assimilation. We live in a society where the majority rules, and if you think outside the box you're spoke evil of.

One of the best explanations of this is Darryl Robert Schoon

He did a great video about us all been born as a blank cd and as we go through life with are all programmed

Completely agree with your thoughts. Our "education" is the biggest culprit. The founders of the current educational system only wanted to train people to work in the factories. Not to help us think for ourselves.

Nice walk n talk session. Truly we are brainwashed and the sad part is that most never realize this and go to their grave never knowing. U looked ripped in that pic on mostly fruitian diet.Thanks for giving us something to think and meditate on :) Resteemed and upvoted

I definitely agree we have all been brainwashed.

I think it's he main reason for why we have so much systemic oppression in America today.

yes kinda but some brain washing are needed because humanities are savages by nature maybe some control is needed


no, i love anarchy ideology, but i do't trust other people
police by all mean is not an ideal system, yet you cannot replace it with nothing
for example i have been to Malaysia there is police there but ineffective so restaurants and shops pay a group of gangstas on a monthly bases to protect them from other gangs savages,
but for the savage part you know the story of Cain and Abel this may not have happen but still very believable
Abel savage by nature Adam didn't brain wash him for all what we know

Basically everything in our lives is a lie... The sooner everyone realizes, the sooner changes can be made. But the question is - will everyone ever realize this ? I doubt that...


Something us rational people gotta deal with. Do we hold out hope that people will wake up and change OR do we just walk away and say 'fuck it'?

The amount of propaganda around us is horrendous.
Even if you try not to ignore it takes a lot of work.
Worth it though.

Get a hold off yourself Jeff, your brainwashed! :p

Oh yeah. Don't forget this one.

Your posts/videos are brilliant - we have watched nearly all of them and love the fact that you walk up and down that same hill - its like I am walking up that hill along with you (only you are getting exercise and i'm not). Keep doing what your doing and great job on the eating lifestyle change, I can really tell this is working for you!!!!

I truly enjoy your perspective @jeffberwick! Always thought provoking and ON POINT!

I humbly agree with you on that. The Slave masters have made the slaves eat the tube, watch, sleep the tube, think like tube etc..

I think it's he main reason for why we have so much systemic oppression in America today.

Very interesting life concept you have dude!... I cant agree with all of your point of view, but do agree in many things... Eating fruits is so important and undervalued, certainly we all should be eating more fruits...

Very great stuff! You are an inspiration

The habit of consuming alcohol at every single 'special' occasion definitely is a problem.

I understand what @jeffberwick is saying, but there are some good doctors out there. Had a nasty staph infection once, wasn't given antibiotics, just some old school silver sulfadizide cream. Worked great.

But I get where he's coming from about the lack of critical thinking and challenging "conventional" knowledge.

I draw the line at the Flat Earthers, but I'm willing to be convinced if they can show me a live stream video from a balloon launch showing the edge :)

So True! It applies to all of us, to varying degrees. "Don't let anyone rent space in your head" and "don't let them push your buttons" are both valuable defenses for beginners.

F.U.R.R. for you, Jeff!

Smoke some salvia or dmt and you will completely unplug and be able to reboot

Consciousness mean for me it's leave here and now and that particular moment not judge observe so there is no bad and good black and white Republican or Democrat it just is and that particular moment liberation of the Mind let go off judgement and attachment to outcome😏

I am absolutely 100% agree with you.. everything is programmed.. from sending children's to school and to have a separate appartament after 18 age.. television, news.. everything is pre planned.. crazy world and crazy we...

I absolutely agree!
We must personally manage our thoughts and our lives!

@jeffberwick, Hi I have thought about this for last couple of years, how everything we do everything we thought most of our reactions that are supposed to be based on our 'free will', are actually plagued by commercial influences that are bombarding us anywhere we turn, from childhood cartoons to news we are honestly forced to read because they are literally everywhere around us, and this circumstances are in my opinion shaping our consciousness subconsciousnessly, because our brain is absorbing everything around us without us actually being aware of it at the moment, and when the time comes to make a decision that decision must be partially influnced by parts of what our brain has recently absorbed, and this can be called an 'opstructed freedom', so when you posted this topic here I would like to ask you, do you actually step away from these mind-attacks, if yes how

Hi jeff, everyone seems to be in agreement,but i think i have different opinion.why would you allow yourself to be brainwashed?, acceptance of defeat is the beginning of human failure.what am i saying jeff!...is a matter of choice.i refuse to be brainwashed.thanks for such a wonderful life teaching topic.God bless you Jeff and stay steemed!

Hi @jeffberwick another great subject. Sure most of the peoples are brainwash from the little school til your old days you are told this and that. Most of all history from thousand of years are fake all made to make you a good sheep and follow what the top leader and hidden leader to a higher level want you to believe. They are every where education, medias, health industry, big corporation, food and of course on the first line the banks, all is done for you to believe in their shit. You believe our history is like that, we are the good guys from the wars we made all around the globe, but the true is the opposite. You believe the media, the news are the real deal but it is all fake just to make you think their way. You listen to our politicians and they say this and that but all is fake the only thing they do is to protect their interest and what ever you live or die they don't give a shit. Your are sick the doctors give you some drugs that are even worst for your body then the sickness itself. You have a cancer they give you chemo that cost a lot and kills you slowly enough for them to take your money out of your hands. Hollywood industries every movie contain some hidden message that you didn't see but your brain register the information, like the subliminal picture in the TV. Those big corporation who are making example of what the politicians said. The WiFi and other radio wave are also a way to send you some signal. The military industry complex who pay politicians to get to their goal sometime on the depend of peoples life. If you dig a little you will see how much all around us is based on lies. Thinks to do is to first destroy or sell your TV, don't read newspaper, try to avoid as much as you can cinema. Stop alcool and cigarette. use only natural soap and tooth paste without fluoride in it. Search internet and de-calcified your pineale gland eat vegetable and fruit from organic farm where they don't use chemical products to grow their plants. Do exercise yoga is good but meditation is the best and connect with the universal high consciousness. Your energy will get so high then nothing will stop you from be healthy wealthy and happy. Believe me this is how things works. Love and Happiness to all of you

These are very true and insightful words. If all human beings would work to de-program themselves, all the trivial things that we value so much or fight about so much would not be a part of our lives anymore, and we'd finally have the peace and happiness we say we want.

Most people love being brainwashed and it is the rare few how actually do something about corrupt situations in life .
It is easy to have a common opinion .
Bravo to the brave the strong and free .
The war is in our heads.


Awesome. I will check this video out tomorrow first thing

Im going to re-steem. Thanks

Great stuff Jeff! You are an inspiration and a true trailblazer.

Great video ! Been going back and watching this users stuff. Great advice and just great in general

Hey Jeff,

This is very true, but living in a structured western society it isn't ALL bad. Applying structure to our lives for example is healthy. You just have to be self aware within this structure to make sure that you're still in control.

Something I try to do, is to learn about the things available outside of these structures that I live within. So many people for example on social media or Steemit will only follow the people that share their views or structures. It's so easy to get stuck in a loop where you are always reading about what you know and already agree with so your mind just stays on autopilot, interpreting it as the be all and end all.

Live in your structures, just stay in control and understand what's going on outside of them. Structures aren't brainwashing, it's the lazy habits within them that do that.

I don't have any steem power to upvote this or I would!

It's quite hard to not be programmed at all. Environment and people can play a massive part in shaping who we are. The effects aren't always bad though

I try to let God steer my ship. He has brought me through some serious storms in my life. I do not exactly disagree with what you are saying, though.

you are right! modern medicine does not prevent people from getting sick they sell you a "cure". Most of the people don't know how real life is because they watch too much fiction. I used to wacht movies and tv shows but now I consider it a waste of time almost every movie is the same history intrudaction, problem, solution. alway a good guy and a bad one, fighting for a chick haha so shitty!

Good post, keep rocking!

This is a fact...we are brainwashed....:(
We are made to function in a way that will never help us succeed and truly be free.
Some times, we are so brainwashed that it screws us over in the end, which causes a millenial epidemic!
I would love to one day steer the ship, but for now I will live how I have been geared to do! Enjoy it! And steer the ship differently for my daughter and future children otherwise:)


How do you know you are brainwashed. Because your idol tells you so?



very useful post keep it going

this is really a great post

Thats beautiful! I totally agree with you. If we genuinely follow this it will keeps us fit and healthy. Thank you so much for you informative post. I will definitely follow your advice. Followed and upvoted. Do follow me too @bindu

I agree but when do you know you're totally deprogrammed?

Not sure if you know who Bruce Lipton is, but a lot of what you are discussing here has been proven by Dr.Lipton.
He was a cellular biologist and one of the first to clone cells. He shows how we are programmed from before birth and especially the first seven years.
He also discovered in his research about Epigenetics - the control of Your environment over how your body changes in reaction to it, basically saying that the genes you were born with do not determine your life completely.

I have his book The Biology Of Belief and have read it a few times, also gave it to my doctor to read and he said it was great, although it contradicted quite a lot of his training but also confirmed it too.
If you haven't heard of him, I suggest getting his book(s).
I enjoyed your video, not many willing to make videos like this! Cheers!

I enjoy your walks and your advise. I noticed it so much here Vegas. Brainwashing is nonstop. I realize more and more all of everywhere you turn or look each day. Then to hear you talk about it and to hear all these things. I searching, wanting and needing to hear these things. Going to try the fruit diet out, now. Been doing the fasting and it has been doing wonders, I have actually done fasting before. The brainwashing seriously prevents you from remembering or even knowing such simple things Been watching you for a while and I do see the changes in your health over the past few months, great job man. Thank you @jeffberwick for all the great advice and good vibes.

As always a cracking true post. I know what you mean about TV I have not had one for two years. But occasionally watch it and you spend the whole time look at the subliminal messaging is amazing what they hide. I mainly watch documentaries and the like.

I've been veggie for years. I am moving in a few weeks without my partner and her son. I am going vegan (she won't do it a she NEED MEAT due to her blood type and her son NEEDS it to grow health) I can't wait :)

Brainwashing via TV: that is hardly a surprise

Perfectly said. And in sync with this post on Programming/TV: https://steemit.com/challenge30days/@globocop/tv-programming-a-brutal-weapon

Nice post.
Hlo,I'm new to this steemit, and I have a lot to learn about steemit, maybe in this steemit a lot of it makes a parable.
I hope you can also help me, and I have followed you thank you...

be weary of everything they let us have!

more red pills needed... check this out if you have time, Jeffrey.. something you didn't know about Hayek.

As was mentioned in the video, we are most impressionable at young age. This is knowledge that has been known and used by those in power for a very long time. The furthest back known reference to this (that I know of) is by the Jesuits, who said "Give me a child till the age of 7 and I will show you the man." Anyway, great post, I will be following you! I will also be posting on similar content to this myself.

Very deep and informative. It makes you view the world differently when your eyes are open to the truth. You had some very great points and your viewpoint is spot on with identifying what the issue is which only means you do your fair share of research. The harshness of reality is that people are aware of they problems yet so comformable living a lie. Keep on shining your light brother.

I do agree to some of what you have said, especially the food, smoking, and alcohol. Kids as young as 10 are smoking these days and when asked why they smoke most of them say that they do it to lessen the stress.

What kind of stress does a 10-year-old have? The world is going bonkers, and we are just following each other. No one really has an idea of what is happening and why.

May be some of your ideas are worth following, but then it is nearly impossible to implement your ideas in our world.

How long have you been on a fruit diet? I was on it for about two-three months, I did eat a little-roasted chicken once a week and flat Indian bread once a day. And I was healthy, but I didn’t get ripped muscles as you did. Lol.

Thanks, Jeff, for this important article.

I'm not brain-washed. I just like being told what to do...

Thank you Man on so many levels!!

Governments, religions, sports teams, all are synthetic forms of tribes meant to control its members.

I have a degree in systems and have specialised in deprogramming human systems for over 10 years. I made a series of posts on thist topic on steemit recently that includes examples of criminal subliminal advertising in use in britain from major retailers and much more.. I am still only scratching the surface. I suggest relocating to a jungle!

what's for a program to be deprogrammed
programs rather have themselves, reprogrammed

for humans, green tea and a long walk
silence in it's design, is always loud
ask and listen, you'll hear the sound
endless river of words, just talk

once I took up and self I programmed
got lost I didn't know my OS
my journey ended in, BIOS

people are SHEEP!!!!! mindless and yes, brainwashed! social media, television, news, politicians, ALL of it! Even with the people closest to you... voice an opinion outside of the norm and the whole room looks at you like you are from another planet! - sad but true!!!!!

Great post, very accurate depiction! - upvoted (not that my upvote is worth much lol)

Would love some feedback on my latest if you have a gap to do so :)


A kid watching adults isnt brainwashing its just learning. Brainwashing is very specific kind of learning. Its forceful, its aggressive, its constantly there. You never get a brake from it.

If it would be brainwashing then the feminist would be right that we brainwash people to be heterosexual because thats what people see. You want to go that road? Lets not use extreme buzzwords to get a message through.

This reminds me of Life of Brian. Jeff tells his followers that you are all brainwashed and they repeat: "we are all brainwashed"

there is no ship

Very eye opening, am looking forward to following you and learning more.

And also, mostly we could be brainwashed by any tv programes or sites that was not really useful for ourselves.

Loved this post!

Back in 2006 I watched television for the last time. It was a drama and I as I watched I realized; "this stupid shit program is totally stressing me out!" That day I decided I was tired of being emotionally manipulated and haven't watched TV since.

Back then I wasn't aware of any nefarious
agenda behind the manipulation, but just think about it. We've all been trained to sit passively in our living rooms while one disaster or another threatens to cause our annihilation because a hero will always come to our rescue. All we need to do is stay in our houses and watch it all unfold. Everything will be just fine.

That's undoubtedly what a whole lotta people will do if these bastards decide to enact some crazy plan to annihilate the planet. Only this time they'll leave the hero out of the script.

Anyway that's how it looks to me.

Jeff, I really enjoy the blogs and vids. Totally love anarchist dogs. I'm a dog person too.
The advice you got sounds right. I'm quite sure dogs are telepathic. They don't need to understand words. They know exactly what we're saying. Don't let Jerry pretend otherwise.

Thanks for all your advice. Your insights often surprise me. Also your vids make me want to pickup and move to Mexico. Maybe some day.

I have done it, have explained to people thas since they day we are born, brainwashed parents, teachers, media, etc. start brain washing us. But 99.99% tell me i think too much and im mad..lol..

"Its easier to fool people, then to convince them that they have been fooled" - Mark Twain

Wake up!
One problem with our intellect is that it can give us a false sense of knowing. I read about something, I 'know' about it right?
It seems to me that the only way to know about something is to experience it, wouldn't you agree?

We all must deprogram ourselves from the inductrination camps/ (sch)Fool system.
Take conscious action and freeing experience and control your reality.

Great stuff Jeff, I'm starting my own journey. I had these thoughts before but you've articulated them in a great way. Portugal is the best place in Europe I feel to become more self sustained and not to get hooked into the mortgage/interest system. Keep 'em coming.

Yes Jeff, the mind is the main control method now that physical violence is more frowned upon. Besides, why fight someone if you can have him work for you and think it is his own will?

Ironically, even 'awakening' is often like that. They tell them 'think think don't be stupid' and then they give them what think --the schooling mode of operation.

It can get complex but if 'you' can think of nothing or your very own thoughts at will, you can actually be free, thought-wise. And if you can then speak your own truth, and allow the same for others, we can have actual freedom of speech --nothing to do with being 'correct'.

Yea, I agree. Its very important for people to hear this in order to attempt to be self aware.

Since we were born, we build walls in our mind. These walls become stronger over time as they are reinforced through our biases. Our biases are reinforced through a variety of programming and conditioning (family, friends, government, etc). Breaking down these walls (at least some of them) is the key to a free mind and personal responsibility.

Hope more people can see this within themselves and maybe we can just change a bit.

Thanks for sharing.