With me

9개월 전

It has been long, rainy days, others with a lot of heat but I have not stopped thinking about steemit, it is true that I spend days without publishing but I am in a process of learning with myself, a process which I think we should all experience, know each other , value ourselves, motivate us and support ourselves is a matravilloso process, because who else but yourself to understand you, to understand why many things happen in your life, say that everything has a why, good things or Bad teach us lessons which are very helpful to face situations that are presented to us.

Today, thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to see a new dawn every day, I want to continue thinking about myself and my sadness and joys, I value life, I value each person who struggles to be better every day and I also value those who Despite being bad, at some point they will realize how valuable LIFE is.


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